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3 Outrageous Aquariums That Will Blow Your Mind

camera strap, camera wrist strap, sunglass straps, best aquariums to visit, travel blog, monterey bay aquarium, dubai aquarium, underwater zoo, lisbon oceanarium



Growing up, the majority of people have visited an aquarium. Aquariums are a staple of  American childhood, and they help educate those visiting about the ocean and its creatures.  Although Sea World has gotten a bad rep over the past couple of years, there are plenty of aquariums that treat their inhabitants correctly.  Here are 3 of the biggest and best aquariums to visit in the world. With attractions ranging from a live ocean exhibit to a 360-degree tour of a Caribbean Reef, there are plenty of spots worldwide that will keep you interested. Just remember to use your handy camera strap when shooting so that you don’t drop your camera into unwanted places! 

(None of these spots have bigscale animal performance shows which have been known for animal abuse)

Best Aquariums to Visit in the World: 

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Monterey, CA - Known as one of the best aquariums to visit in America, Monterey Bay Aquarium is known for having outstanding views of the Monterey coastline as well as top-notch animal exhibits. Located on the coast of California, this aquarium specializes in live exhibits that are found directly off the California coastline. Having the first-ever live kelp forest exhibit, this spot has been known to draw in thousands of visitors year-round. One of the most distinctive features of this aquarium is its live ocean exhibit. With waves crashing constantly against the aquarium, the builders have created an exhibit that lives directly off the ocean currents where visitors can stand underneath and watch the waves crash over them. (As of 2019 the aquarium has the rare Broadnose Sevengill shark [a must-see]) 

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Located inside the world’s largest mall, (of course) the Dubai Aquarium draws visitors from around the world to see their crazy attractions. The aquarium has recently opened its new Shark Encounter experience to honor Shark Week. Through this experience, visitors can feed sharks up close in a cage! You don’t even have to be diving-certified! Trained divers take willing participants down into the tank to feed the large sharks before taking participants backstage to learn more about sharks. What a crazy experience! Alongside the many other attractions this place has, their most notable feature can be found in their underwater zoo. The King Croc. This amazing creature is the largest housed crocodile in the world and weighs a little over 1,500 pounds…. What else would you expect when visiting an aquarium in Dubai?

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Oceanário de Lisboa: Lisbon, Portugal - What is easily the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, this spot showcases four extremely different ocean habitats found across the world; The North Atlantic Rocky Coast, The Antarctic Coastal Line, The Temperate Pacific Kelp Forests, and The Tropical Indian Coral Reefs. How unique! Visitors can see various types of jellyfish, crustaceans, sharks, and other marine animals found across the world here. The aquarium is also a huge activist in breeding programs, conservation programs, and educational programs. They support many conservation groups worldwide as well as have an overnight educational component on sharks for students. Next time you’re in Europe, be sure to stop here. 

            We hope you enjoyed our overview of some of the best aquariums to visit in the world. Always be prepared when you travel and have fun exploring these educational spots! 

Written by @visualsbyry