Using a camera strap and sunglass strap at these epic paddle boarding spots.

3 Epic Paddle Board Spots in the United States

Paddleboarding is an epic activity that has been around forever and is still very popular today. Paddleboarding originated back in Hawaii during the 1940s and was immediately a hit.  The idea of longboarding with a paddle intrigued many, which caused this phenomenon to spread throughout the globe. Over the years, this sport became a popular activity on both lakes and along the coast. If water sports are your thing, be sure to continue reading as we are going to be going over 3 epic paddle board spots found across the United States. 

Lake Paddleboarding:

Our very first spot can be found in both California and Nevada and is known as Lake Tahoe. Located on the border of both these states, you can paddle board across the lake into the other state and back. How epic! Even though there are an abundance of paddle board spots around the world, Lake Tahoe ranks as one of the best. If you are in South Lake Tahoe, be sure to check out SUP Tahoe. This spot offers paddle board rentals at a great price as well as lessons for those first-timers. If you catch yourself on the Northside of the lake, be sure to visit Tahoe Adventure Company. This place also offers great prices and customer service as well as tours and lessons. Using a camera strap is 100% recommended if you don’t want that expensive camera falling into the water. Even better though, use a waterproof camera as you never know what might happen.

River Paddleboarding:

What’s better than hiking the canyons of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend? Not a lot honestly, but try paddleboarding through them for starters. This epic paddle board spot gives visitors surreal views of the canyon as they paddle board through these winding rivers. Head over to Lake Powell Paddleboards and pick up a pair of paddle boards for your trip. This spot offers guided tours as well as just plain paddle board rentals. Visitors have the option of spending the day relaxing along the canyons of Lake Powel or taking the river all the way too Horseshoe Bend. Just be sure to pack the right gear if you are planning an overnight trip to Horseshoe Bend. Sunglass straps and camera straps are highly recommended so you don’t lose your gear to the river's current. We also recommend beginners to stay away from the canyon’s entrance as the current can get faster as you go deeper into the canyon. 

Coast Paddle Boarding:

If you thought those paddle board spots were epic, just wait. Kealakekua Bay, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, allows visitors to paddle board alongside dolphins and sea turtles. Known for having crystal clear waters, this epic spot draws the attention of paddle boarders and snorkelers from around the world. On a perfect day, it’s said that visibility can reach up to 100 feet below the ocean’s surface. Paddleboarding in the morning is highly recommended since winds tend to pick up later in the day. Check out Ehu and Kai for accessible paddle board rentals and be sure to use your sunglass straps while exploring this beauty. Paddleboarding has become very popular over the years and gives enthusiasts a unique experience out on the water. Be sure to bring and right gear and always remember to check the weather before heading out on the water. Happy exploring!  

Written by Ryan Ong