3 Extremely Affordable Countries to Keep On Your Radar

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 Photo by @jeremybishop

In the past, traveling out of the country has been seen as an expensive and limited experience. Fast forward to the 20th century, and it now seems like everyone is taking an exotic trip to Asia or wandering through the streets of Rome. Over the years, the travel industry has exploded with new opportunities for millennials (and others) to travel out of the country. With recent graduates planning trips for their summer and young couples looking for honeymoon destinations, the avid traveler couldn’t be more excited. Among picking a destination and planning everything else, traveling can often take a toll on the wallet. Lucky for you, we ‘ve decided to come up with 3 of the most affordable countries to travel in 2020… Just remember to pack your camera and that handy camera strap!

Affordable Countries: 

Bali, Indonesia - Thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, the tiny Indonesian island of Bali has flourished over the years. Full of affordable villas and day clubs, visiting Bali has become a must-do for those looking to leave the repetitive lifestyle. Since Indonesia is a 3rd world country, visitors can exchange their money at a much lower rate, making visiting Bali a spender’s paradise.

Just imagine… $7 messages, $10 meals, and $20 private villas. Among the many affordable activities on the island, immersing oneself in the culture of Indonesia is another great reason to visit. Buddhist temples can be found across the island and are a perfect place to learn about Indonesian tradition. Are you a fan of spicy food? If so, then Bali is perfect. Known for dishes such as Bebek Madura and Nasi Campur, the plethora of flavors will definitely give your mouth a kick. If you're planning on traveling to Bali, be sure to visit the cities of Canguu, Uluwatu, & Ubud!

Argentina - Fulling of backpacking routes as well as the famous area of Patagonia, you can only imagine how affordable Argentina can be. Due to an economic collapse a few years back, Argentina soon became an affordable country for those visiting from the States. Meals can range from $2 to $14 depending on how much you want to “splurge.” Hotels and hostels are the way to travel if you decide to visit this picturesque country. Many who visit Argentina go to see Patagonia, a remote region full of waterfalls and glaciers. Because of the remoteness of the country, you can make your dollar go a long way…

Guatemala - If you love cinematic landscapes and backpacking, then Guatemala is another country to add to your list. Home to indigenous natives, unique landscapes, and delectable food, Guatemala comes in as one of the most affordable countries in 2020. Chicken buses (old buses turned into transportation) are the main source of transportation and although not the most comfortable, provide an affordable travel option. Expect to eat lots of fruits and veggies while visiting and be sure to hike one of the 37 active volcanoes! 

Traveling can oftentimes be pricey, but if planned correctly can be done efficiently. Be sure to research destinations before going, and look for affordable accommodation options such as hostels and Airbnbs. With all the traveling to be done, remember to bring that camera and leather camera strap before starting on your journey! 

Written by @vis.ry