3 of The Absolute Best Places to Travel in 2020

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Photo by @dgw_unsplash

We’re only four months into the new year and a lot has happened already. 2020 marks the year of a new decade and for most of us, time is flying by too fast. One of the best things I’ve ever been told is, “money is replaceable, but time is not.”  With that being said, I highly encourage everyone to travel as much as possible. I know this is not realistic for some, but there are plenty of programs and other methods of travel that make travel more accessible. You just have to look. Here are 3 of the best places to travel in 2020 as well as some of the things you can experience there. 

Best Places to Travel in 2020

Istanbul, Turkey - Located below Bulgaria, this beautiful city is known for its historical urban agriculture as well as the amazing food that can be found along the streets. Visiting Istanbul has become a popular trip for many that study abroad and here's why. Istanbul’s heritage, stemming from the years of the Ottoman and Roman Empire, makes traveling to the city historically appealing. This vast city has thousands of historical sites and museums that pique the interest of those willing to learn. Along with its vast historical appeal, Istanbul has been known to have exquisite Middle Eastern food. Popular places to see in the city include The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, & The Galata Tower. Also, Turkish Coffee is a must-try for our coffee lovers. 

Lucerne, Switzerland - Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, Lucerne is a destination you have to see. Just about an hour train ride from Switzerland’s capital Bern, Lucerne offers visitors surreal views of the lakes and mountains of the country. Rather it is walking along the famous Chapel Bridge or eating fondue by the lake, I guarantee you this will be the most relaxing trip you’ve ever been on. Other popular things to do in Switzerland include taking a gondola ride into the mountains, visiting a watch factory, (Tissot & Rolex)  & eating copious amounts of chocolate. Switzerland is such a beautiful country, that visiting any city will be worth your time. Some of our favorites include Bern, Zurich, & Basal. Be sure to save up for this trip though, because this is a very expensive country…

Santorini, Greece - Voted as one of the best places to travel in 2020 by Forbes, Santorini Greece does not disappoint. The unique white buildings and vibrant blue water alone are two great reasons to visit this amazing city. Greek coffee is another… With over 200 Greek Islands scattered amongst the Aegean Sea, traveling to Santorini must be done by boat or plane. Here, you can visit the famous Perissa Beach (Black Sand Beach), watch the sunset over Oia, & eat as much Baklava as you want. Visiting Santorini has become very popular over the last couple of years, so be sure to plan ahead of time. Also, be sure to use your handy camera strap when capturing those picturesque views of the city! 

With so many places you could travel too, these 3 destinations don’t do justice. Other popular places include Egypt, Slovenia, & much more. Spending money on a trip can seem steep, but trust us… it’s worth it. Just be sure to use your handy travel gear when traveling and have fun exploring some of the best places to visit in 2020

Written by @visualsbyry