4 Surprising Places Sunglass Straps Might Come in Handy

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Nowadays, sunglass straps are a commodity that seems somewhat ancient. What is a very useful attachment to your sunglasses, sunglass straps just don’t seem to be all the hype now. Nevertheless, we still believe that these useful attachments are still needed today, as we have created a collection of genuine leather sunglass straps that will match any pair of shades you own. You would be shocked at how often sunglass straps might come in handy! Here are a couple of places sunglass straps might come in handy that you might find surprising. 

Amusement Parks: 

Amusement parks are all fun and games until someone drops a personal belonging while on a roller coaster. Using sunglass straps can keep your sunglasses attached to your neck while you take on the roller coasters of that park. 

Music Festivals:

Everyone likes to look trendy when they are at a music festival right? Well, that won’t matter if you end up losing your expensive shades while moshing in the crowd. Having these straps attached to your shades can keep you from dropping them while you dance your heart away. 

Water Sports:

The next time you think about heading out on the water, you may want to invest in a pair of sunglass straps to prevent your shades or sunglasses from falling in. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen friends lose their sunglasses to the ocean. This includes paddleboarding, water skiing, boating, and any other water sport! 

Outdoors in Nature: 

Hiking should be an obvious one, but people still neglect to use sunglass straps while hiking. Hikes like Angels Landing and Half Dome impose sheer cliffs that may swallow your shades if you’re not careful. On another note, the wind is a huge factor in the outdoors which could easily take your shades off of your head.

Anytime you are in the outdoors, you run the risk of losing your shades or sunglasses. Using sunglass straps is a fool-proof to make sure that doesn't happen. If you are worried about how they will look on you, be sure to check out our unique collection of genuine leather sunglass straps. With both design styles and leather styles, you are bound to find a pair to suit your needs. 

Written by @visualsbyry