5 Amazing Campsites to Visit During February

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February has always been an interesting month when it comes to the weather. Depending on where you live, you could be covered in snow or relaxing by the beach. Either way, camping in February is probably not something you are thinking of doing during this winter month. Surprisingly, there are a couple of dope camping spots across the United States that have the perfect weather for those who want to hike during this month of the year. Here are 5 of our favorite spots to go camping in February. Just be sure to bring your handy camera strap to complete your camera setup you are going to use while camping! 

5 Outstanding Spots to Go Camping in February

Watchman Campground (Zion National Park, Utah) - This prime camping real estate can be found only ¼ a mile outside of the South Gate of Zion National Park. Why is Zion on our list you may think? Isn’t Zion a summer destination? Well during February, the park gets covered in a blanket of snow which gives visitors a view that will blow their minds. The park is essentially empty since it is not popular during this month, and you will essentially get the hiking trails to yourself. Be sure to bring hiking shoes and other winter gear when visiting this park during the winter. You can never know how much snow to expect! 

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (Michigan) - Looking for the full winter wonderland experience? These unique mountains found in the northern tip of Michigan give visitors the feeling of being on another planet. During winter, everything becomes blanketed in fresh untouched snow. Looks like camping in February has officially turned into a skiing trip! These mountains are perfect for skiing and exploring via snowshoes. Be sure to use your camera strap on your camera! You wouldn’t want your camera to fall in the snow while you capture those unreal landscape photos! 

Carlsbad Beach Camping (California) - Hate the cold? Be sure to grab your surfboard and hit up Carlsbad State Beach for camping! Located along the California Coast, this spot attracts campers year-round due to the California weather. Expect sunshine and perfect ocean views during the middle of winter at this spot! Just be sure to book early since this spot is extremely popular. The only downside is that the highway is right next to this spot so bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

More Camping in February: 

Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground (California) - Located along the northern coast of California, Big Sur State Park is the perfect place to set up a campsite and relax with friends. Since this spot is located higher in California, campers can expect overcast weather with a possibility of fresh rain during February. Everything is so green at Big Sur, you’ll want to bring your camera. Be sure to check out McWay Falls (waterfall directly onto the beach) as well as the Ewoldsen Trail which offers views of Redwoods and the coastline. Big Sur is another popular spot, so be sure to reserve early. 

Rio Grande Village Campground (Big Bend National Park, Texas) - Everything’s bigger in Texas right? Well at this National Park, it definitely is. Hike along the Rio Grande River and catch views of the enormous canyons overhead. This campground is ideal during the winter since it isn’t too hot. Summer can be brutal in Texas. Take advantage of this time and visit Big Bend. Notable hikes include Santa Elena Canyon, Window View Trail, & The Lost Mine Trail. 

Camping in February might not be the first thing that comes to your mind during this time of year. Now that we have given you 5 notable places to camp during February, we hope you change your mind. Remember to always be prepared and have fun camping in February, and don’t forget to document it! Need stuff for your camping trips? Check out our equipment here

Written By @visualsbyry