5 Amazing Places to Go Backpacking During May

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Photo by @visualsbyry

May is finally in full effect, and we couldn’t be more excited. This means that the sun will finally be staying out longer and students will finally be wrapping up their classes. Although current conditions are preventing us from traveling, we hope this list may give you an idea of where to backpack this summer. Backpacking during the summertime is ideal for many reasons. Snow will begin to melt in places like Yosemite Valley which makes it a great place to venture to. Here are 5 of our favorite places to backpack in the United States. 

Backpacking During May:

North Dome, Yosemite National Park - Have you heard of Half Dome? Well if so, then you’ll want to camp at North Dome. Directly across from Half Dome, North Dome provides backpackers with an amazing view of this American treasure. To get to this trail, make your way over to Porcupine Trailhead. North Dome is not a very popular hike which gives hikers the serenity and views of the outdoors most of us crave. Because of this, you can easily find a place for your group to set up camp where you will be undisturbed. The hike is about a 9-mile round trip. 

The Pemigewasset Loop, New Hampshire - Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire lies The Pemigewasset Loop. This 31-mile round-trip hiking loop takes hikers through the vast forests along 8 of New Hampshire’s most famous peaks. Hike along bridges and rocks as you catch amazing views of the entire hiking trail. Hikers should expect to see peaks such as Liberty and Bondcliff. Hikers can go in either direction so be prepared for foot-traffic. Also be sure to check the weather report before going, as it rains there often. 

Arches National Park, Utah - Although there isn’t necessarily a set trail in this national park, it still gains a spot on our list of places to go backpacking during May. Known as one of the more iconic national parks, Arches National Park has plenty of views for those visiting. Camp alongside massive arch formations while you watch the sunset. With only one campsite in this whole park, so you can only imagine how quickly spots fill up. Alternatively, those with a backpacking permit are allowed to camp along the rocks in all the designated areas of the park. There are plenty of trails, so be sure to pack all your water before heading out into the wilderness. (Permits are $7 & are first-come, first-serve) 

More Backpacking During May: 

Teton Crest Trail, Rock Mountain National Park - Known as one of the most famous backpacking trails in America, Teton Crest Trail is a venture all backpackers must attempt. Don’t let the 40-mile trail discourage you from visiting, as you don’t have to hike the whole length. Options for getting to this hike include a private shuttle, or getting dropped off by a taxi. Due to increasing popularity over the years, permits have become first-come, first-serve, and are very limited. Start your adventure by camping in the Lower Granite Canyon, before hiking through the glaciers carved into the mountain range. The Grand Teton range is one of the most photogenic ranges on earth, so be sure to bring your camera and Tether camera strap

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - Looking for the perfect backpacking weather? Then be sure to head to the Grand Canyon. Backpacking the Grand Canyon during May is the perfect time for multiple reasons. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the ice has melted. There are multiple trails across the canyon, but the one we recommend is the Escalante Trail. This 30+ mile trail will take hikers through slot canyons, rock formations, and rivers. Since you are hiking into the canyon, be sure to pack warm clothes as this trail tends to get cold once you're in the shade. (Part of the hike will be alongside a river, so be sure to pack a water purifier)

Backpacking during May is a wonderful time. Like all backpacking trips, be sure to prepare accordingly and check the weather beforehand. 

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Written by @visualsbyry