5 Essential Hiking Items That Will Make Your Hiking Experience A-1

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Hiking trails have always been the perfect escape from reality for those who work 9-5. Working 5 days a week can limit many from taking those sought out trips they prefer. Access to nearby hiking trails allows people to escape reality for a moment while taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Depending on where one is from, various hiking trails have begun to reopen after being closed due to COVID-19. With the days much longer and the weather getting nicer, many can’t wait to get back on those hiking trails they love so much. 

Being prepared can make or break one's hiking experience. If certain materials are not packed, hikers can find themselves stuck outdoors without the right necessities. Here are 5 must-bring hiking items one may need the next time they find themselves out on a trail. 

5 Must-Bring Hiking Items:

Hiking Boots - Contrary to popular belief, hiking shoes can make or “break” a trip. Many think sneakers will suffice, but they are wrong. Investing in a good pair of hiking boots will last years if taken care of correctly. Most good shoes will run between $99 and $250. Reliable hiking boot companies include L.L Bean, The North Face, Vasque, & Merrell

Camera Strap - The majority of people hiking will often bring a camera to capture their experiences. Using a camera strap will allow users to hike hands-free with easy camera access. Picking the right camera strap depends on design and material. Investing in a Tether Camera Strap gives users plenty of options with a high rating on reliability. 

Backpack & Water Pouch - Long are the days where bringing a “water bottle” while hiking was needed. Throughout past years CamelBak has become a popular outdoor accessory that provides outdoor enthusiasts with water punches they can wear on their back. The company specializes in both backpacks and water pouches. With convenient access to the hydration packs, many hikers will say this is one of the best hiking items one can own.  

Trail Mix - Besides water, the second most important thing one needs while hiking is energy. Packing the right trail mix can give hikers the energy they need. Most hikers enjoy making their mix full of healthy options such as peanuts, cashews, dried fruit, & more. Alternatively, hikers can purchase premade snack mixes through companies such as Nature’s Garden, Sahale Snacks, & Kirkland

First Aid Kit - No one wants to think about a possible injury while hiking, but it never hurts to be prepared. REI has a variety of premade kits that are made specifically for hiking. Most kits are so small most users won’t even know they are carrying it. Better safe than sorry!

With hiking trails opening up around the country, eager hikers begin to prepare for their next trail. Packing the right hiking items can help when hiking and is highly recommended. If everything is prepared correctly, hikers should have an awesome experience and feel comfortable while on the trail! 

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Written by @visualsbyry