Cold-weather camping essentials such as a camera strap, camera strap, sunglass straps, camping during the winter, winter essentials

7 Camping Essentials You Will Need for Snow Camping

 Cold-weather camping essentials such as a camera strap, camera strap, sunglass straps, camping during the winter, winter essentials


Wintertime is coming up quickly and adventurers who love the snow could not be more excited. This means capturing those winter wonderland-like photos and drinking hot chocolate around the fire. While camping in the snow is something that seems like tons of fun, there are a few camping essentials you might want to pick up to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Today we are going to be going over 7  cold-weather camping essentials you may want to bring on your next camping trip to the snow. 

Being prepared when camping can make or break your experience. Especially when it comes to snow camping. Cold-weather camping essentials often include warm clothes, a tent, firewood, and more obvious cold-weather gear. The 7 we have here today might surprise you but will ultimately become your best friend while camping. 

Cold-Weather Camping Essentials:

  1. Gloves: This seems like an obvious one, but you would be surprised by how many people might forget these. Keeping your hands warm is essential so that you can avoid getting frostbite.

  2. Hand Warmers: You ever see those little packets at stores like REI? Hand Warmers are perfect to bring with you while cold-weather camping and are easy to pack. Shake these up and throw them in your gloves and boots to give you some extra warmth.

  3. Leather Camera Strap:  This may not seem like an essential to keep you warm, but if you are planning on taking any photos, be sure to use a leather camera strap while doing so. The leather is water-resistant and is very durable in those cold-weather conditions. Check out our collection here.  

  4. The Right Sleeping Gear: Getting a good night's rest during a camping trip is always important. Make sure you have a sleeping bag that is 4-seasons and a closed-cell foam sleeping pad. Also, make sure your tent is 4-seasons. (4-seasons means fit for year-round weather)

  5. Sun Protection: Even though it may not be the beach...getting sunburned can still happen in the snow. Be sure to bring sunscreen, shades, hats, and lip balm to keep your skin extra safe!

  6. Fire Gear: If you are planning on car camping, be sure the wood you bring is dry so that you can light it quickly. Firestarters and kindling are also recommended as it may be harder to light a fire during the winter season. 

  7. The Right Clothes: Bringing the correct clothing is important when camping during the winter. Having extra layers and waterproof shells can also help during the extreme cold. One tip we have learned is to always bring more socks than you need because you never know when your feet might get wet. 

With these 7 cold-weather camping essentials, you should be extra prepared for your next winter camping trip. Although there are other things one might bring while winter camping, we believe these 7 are the most important. Be sure to check out our site for handy camera strap gear, and remember to have an awesome time adventuring!

Written by @visualsbyry