7 Essential Camping Items First-Timers Will Need

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Camping has been a popular pastime as long as we can remember. Since the days of Teddy Rosevelt, to today's current traveler, spending time in the outdoors has been known as one of the most therapeutic ways to connect with life. Although many years have passed, not much has changed. There are many essential camping items one may need while in the outdoors, and without them may have a dreadful experience. Here is a list of 7  items first-time campers must bring to have a successful trip.

7 Essential Camping Items

Hiking Shoes - This first one may seem obvious, but many campers let it slip their mind. With a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, outdoor enthusiasts won’t have to worry about ruining their everyday shoes. Hiking shoes give the user a sturdy balance and protect the feet. There are many hiking shoe brands out there, but some of our favorites are Vasque, The North Face & Marmot

Tent - Buying the right tent is almost as equivalent to buying a house. With the right tent, campers will have a place to retreat after a long day of hiking. Depending on where one is camping, buying a 4-season tent versus a 3-season is important. 4-season tents will keep the user protected from snow while a 3-season is more for warmer weather. One of the most reliable and affordable brands is Kelty

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad - It amazes me how many people can sleep without a sleeping pad. I guess if you are camping on sand or in the desert it works, but how often is that? 4-season sleeping bags are recommended for those camping during the winter while a sleeping pad helps protect the user from the rugged ground. 

Camping Chairs - There have been multiple trips where I have forgotten chairs myself and have found myself sitting on a rock or log. Typically not an item one considers necessary, camping chairs are often looked over while packing. Depending on the campsite, a sitting area around the fire may not be available. Better be safe than sorry! 

Camping Stove/Utensils - Camping isn’t complete without those well cooked-meals, right? Packing a stove burner and utensils can help make the trip feel a bit more homely. Plenty of campers overlook cooking materials and end up suffering on their trip. Looking for a versatile eating utensil? Be sure to check out Spork, a unique eating utensil that will cover all your needs. Additionally, a list of camping recipes can be found here

Camera/Camera Strap - Those that are fortunate enough to travel are presented with the unique opportunity to share their experiences. One of the best ways to do that is by taking photos. Bringing a camera allows users to capture high-resolution photos they can share with friends. Additionally, using a camera strap is recommended to help keep camera equipment safe. 

First-Aid Kit - Although we never plan to get hurt, camping often puts travelers in unfamiliar circumstances that can lead to injury. Packing a first-aid kit is the first step one can take to help prepare for the unexpected. Premade kits can be found here

Although there are many more essential camping items, these 7 are the ones we believe are the most important. Camping is a unique experience, and by preparing correctly, travelers can ensure a pleasant experience. 

Written by @visualsbyry