This past weekend we got the opportunity to walk amongst some of LA's best photographers. Thanks to Street Dreams Mag and Honda, we started the walk just below the 6th Street Bridge downtown where they set up their new model cars.

This walk led us all over the place. Through industrial and company buildings to Olvera Street and Union Station. We even got a little lost at one point but it was fine because it gave us the opportunity to team up and meet with others who had lost their way too. Our favorite part of this was definitely getting out there and meeting everyone.

Although the journey was a great time, the real party started at the finish line; a parking lot overlooking the Walt Disney Music Hall with a Honda meet up for drivers to show off their beloved cars, and photographers to document as much as they could.

It was awesome to walk around and see these different models, new and old. And beyond the cars, the owners of the cars were awesome too. We were able to meet, exchange Instagram accounts and bond over the love of these cars.

To top off the trip, we got to meet some of the guys behind Street Dreams Mag. First, we met Steve (@stevesweatpants), who was the most humble dude ever. Another great photographer that we got to briefly meet was Brian (@brianwillette). We really appreciate the time they spent talking with us, they really were chill dudes.