America’s Best Firework Shows for the 4th of July

Using a camera wrist strap to capture America’s best fireworks shows.

New York Traditions:

Beers, fireworks, and patriotism? Yup, that’s right. 4th of July is finally upon us Americans and everyone is eager to celebrate our country's independence. All across the country, people celebrate this unique holiday by lighting off fireworks and barbecuing. With so many different places to watch fireworks across the United States, which one do you go to? Here are some of the craziest and most popular firework shows held in America.

One of the best firework shows in America is held right in the heart of New York City. The fireworks are then followed by the infamous Macy’s Day Parade that draws the attention of over 3 million people every year. The best places to watch both the parade as well as the firework show are going to be along 8th and 6th street right around Central Park, as the parade route runs directly along those streets. Just be sure to bring your camera wrist strap, as the parade can be very busy causing people to lose items. 


Tennessee’s City of Music: 

Along with New York, there are many other cities that offer some of the best fireworks shows across America. Another popular and lively spot to catch a great show is in the musical town of Nashville. With free music playing all day long, attendees spend their 4th of July wandering one of America’s oldest Country Music towns all while bar hopping across this town. The lineup of music often offers big names such as Chris Jansen and Lady Antebellum which draws over 200,000 visitors every year. It has even been rumored that Nashville sets off more fireworks than New York, which could make Nashville one of the top spots to catch a fireworks show. But don’t take our word for it! Go check it out for yourself! Nashville can quickly turn into a bustling city, so spending all day there is probably the smartest idea since parking and finding a spot can be challenging. Grab a spot along Riverfront Park to get the best view of the show and be sure to capture some amazing photos!


Local Fireworks:

For those local to our headquarters in Sunset Beach, you can catch an amazing firework show on the sand right off Huntington Beach. Fireworks are set up along the pier every year and visitors line Pacific City and the beach to catch a great view. Other views for this show can be bought. Hotels like Pasea Hotel & Spa sell oceanfront rooms for the occasion. Just be sure to book rooms far in advance! Photographing fireworks can be a fun activity as photographers will usually capture a great photo. Having a camera wrist strap can help photographers keep a steady hand when shooting at night and are important for those who don’t want blurry photos. Be sure to check out our selection of camera wrist straps that we offer and enjoy attending some of the best fireworks shows in America. 

Using a camera wrist strap to capture America’s best fireworks shows.