Best California Getaways During the Winter

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Wintertime can be a bit harsh for those of us who don’t live in the state of California. Californias have been super fortunate to have had some of the best weather in the nation year-round. While states like Colorado and New York face below freezing temperatures, those who are fortunate to spend the winter in California can be found hiking or at the beach. From snowboarding to relaxing by the pool, California has it all. Today we are going to be going over some of our favorite California getaways to visit during the winter. With so many different options, be sure to use your camera and camera strap to capture all the fun! 

California Getaways to Visit During the Winter:

With so many California getaways to visit during the winter, what could be better than starting in the beautiful coastal city of Laguna?  The weather in this pretty little town is ideal year-round and is the perfect spot to take a relaxing beach day. Even during the winter, the sun can make it just warm enough to enjoy the views of the beach. Definitely something you can’t do in Colorado. Be sure to check out Banzai Bowls located along Pacific Coast Highway before heading over to the main street to shop around. The best beaches to visit in Laguna include Thousand Steps Beach & Tablerock Beach. 

Next on our list of California getaways to visit during the winter takes us all to the mountains. For skiers and snowboards alike, Mammoth Mountain provides those who shred some of the best powder in California. The best time to hit the slopes of Mammoth falls between late December till late March, all depending on the season. (They stayed open till July in 2019!) Even if you don’t like snow sports, the surrounding Mammoth Lakes are the perfect place to cozy up and relax. Mammoth village has tons of stores to check out as well as some very comforting restaurants. Craving some BBQ after a long day on the mountain? Be sure to check out Uncle Jimmy’s BBQ for some great food! 

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More California Getaways to Visit During the Winter:

Poolside messages in January? Golfing? Open air-markets? Only in the city of Palm Springs can one find these activities year-round. Palm Springs has been one of the most popular California getaways to visit during the winter and continues to still be. Other than the amazing temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit during December and January, there is an abundance of activities to do while you are there. Are you the outdoorsy type? Take the 1.7-mile hike to the Thousand Palms Oasis Reserve. Other than hiking, visitors can find plenty of shopping and dining year-round. Just be sure to book a place early, since Palm Springs has been known to be extremely popular during this time of year.  

With so many getaways to visit during the winter, California has easily become a destination spot for visitors. From the mountains of Mammoth to the shopping malls of Palm Springs, there is something for everyone. Just remember to prepare accordingly and enjoy your time at some of the best California getaways to visit during the winter

Written by @visualsbyry