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Best Hikes to Do In Yosemite During Autumn

camera strap, hiking in yosemite, sunglass straps, best hikes in yosemite, outdoor blog

Remember back to the beginning of the year when the National Parks had a temporary shutdown? Well if you didn’t, we sure did. Various parks around the nation had shut down due to a controversy over higher wages. One of the biggest parks that shut down was Yosemite National Park.

Established in the 1890s, Yosemite has become one of the most visited parks in America. After about a month of closure, the shutdown finally ended, and Yosemite opened its gates back up to the public. Now, after being open again for about 8 months, Yosemite is back to normal and is flooded with visitors. With over 300 hikes in Yosemite, it can be hard to pick the right one. Here are 3 of our favorite hikes in Yosemite along with some of the features that make each unique. Just remember to use a camera strap while hiking so that you can enjoy the outdoors hands-free!  

Vernal Falls:

One of the first hikes in Yosemite that you must do is known as Vernal Falls. This hike sits near the backside of Half Dome Village and is a short 3-miles round-trip hike. Hikers start by climbing the mist trail before eventually arriving at the waterfall. Glacier point can also be seen from the top of this trail. Just be sure to go early since the trail gets packed due to popularity. 

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail:

One of the oldest hikes in the park, the Upper Yosemite Falls trail holds a view hikers will never forget. Ending at the top of the continent’s tallest waterfall, hikers will get an amazing view of the Yosemite Valley as well as Half Dome in the distance. This might be one of the most scenic hikes in Yosemite so be sure to check it out. This is a more difficult hike and will take hikers about 7-miles round trip. Just don’t forget that camera and camera strap so that you can capture those insane views! 

Clouds Rest: 

Even though this hike is a total of 14-miles round trip, Clouds Rest will take hikers to the scenic backcountry of the park. Hikers can expect to see views of Glacier Point, Half Dome, El Capitan, and more. You can expect to see fewer hikers on this trail, as it is one of the more difficult hikes. 

Even though there are hundreds of hikes in Yosemite, these are some of our favorites. Some other notable spots include Glacier Point, Half Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, and Mirror Lake. Just remember to do your research before going, and always be sure to bring the right gear. Using a camera in the park is essential and having a camera strap attachment can make your experience a little better. Be sure to check out our collection here and have fun exploring America’s greatest treasure! 

Written by @visualsbyry