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California’s Favorite Little Beach City

camera strap, camera wrist strap, things to do at pismo beach, pismo beach, beach camping

The days are finally starting to feel like Fall, and you’re ready to break out those sweaters and pants. There's a lot to love about this time of year. Cooler weather, more holidays, and pumpkin spice lattes. Those are just a few of the things Fall brings us. Fall also happens to be the perfect time to visit this beautiful Californian treasure. Nestled along the beautiful coastline of the San Luis Obispo County, visitors can find a small little beach town known as Pismo Beach. Going to the beach might seem like the last thing on your list during Fall, but trust us... you won’t regret it. Today we are going to be going over some of the best things to do at Pismo Beach during the Fall.

Things to do in Pismo: 

If going to the beach doesn’t sound ideal during this cold season, be sure to continue reading... as we believe we can change your mind. Pismo Beach has been around for ages and is most popularly known for its sand dunes and camping. Grab a group of friends and relax among the foggy beach town while you tent camp! The only tent-camping in Pismo is North Beach Campground so be sure to reserve early since spots fill up quick. From North Beach Campground, visitors can visit the Oceano Dunes located just a couple of minutes away. Popular activities include sand sledding, driving ATVs, and taking photos. Be sure to use that handy camera wrist strap though… You wouldn’t want a camera full of sand! Although the dunes and camping are pretty cool, here are a couple more things to do at Pismo Beach that you won’t want to miss. 

Hiking in Pismo: 

Looking to catch some coastline views? Drive up the coast just a few minutes towards Avila Beach. Visit Cave Landing, located around Pirate’s Cove for a short hike with a rewarding view. Upon finishing the short hike, hikers will be rewarded with spectacular views of the ocean. Looking for a more difficult hike? Grab those hiking shoes and drive about 20-minutes inland towards Bishop Peak. This marvelous hike showcases the wonderful San Luis Obispo mountains so be sure to bring your camera and camera strap so that you can capture your adventure! After a long day of adventuring be sure to eat at Splash Cafe, where you can find the world’s best clam chowder bowls.

 Visiting Pismo Beach during the Fall time is perfect because it is not too crowded and the weather is cooler. Next time you have a 3-day weekend, grab a group of buddies and head off to Pismo Beach! With so many things to do at Pismo Beach, you will never run out of activities to keep you interested! Just remember to use your handy camera strap so that you can adventure hands-free! 

Written by @visualsbyry