Capturing the Wonders of Mount Fuji with Your Camera Wrist Strap

           Being around 95 kilometers from Tokyo and around 3,776 meters above the Pacific Coast sits one of the world’s most natural wonders. Mount Fuji. Being one of Japan’s most phenomenal features, Mount Fuji is a natural wonder that attracts millions from all over the globe to gaze at its beauty. From its snow-capped peaks to its lush green forests, Mount Fuji is a wonder you must see at least once in your lifetime. With that in mind, we are going to be going over some of the best attractions around the mountain as well as some of the best places to capture its beauty. Just be sure to bring your camera wrist strap along so that you can capture a crisp image!

Pack a camera wrist strap and sunglasses straps when traveling to Japan!

Kawaguchiko Lake:

           Since its last eruption in 1707, Mount Fuji has stood tall and dormant for over a century, making it a perfect haven for both animals and tourist alike. Kawaguchiko Lake, one of the five lakes that surround the mountain, sits right at the base of Mount Fuji and gives visitors an amazing landscape view of both the lake as well as the mountain. Being a perfect place to reflect or just catch a break from life, Kawaguchiko Lake has become a popular spot for both tourist and locals to spend time. Right around the lake, you can find a variety of shops (be sure to check out Houdou Fudou for lunch)  as well as plenty of short hiking trails. Reflections from the lake can often cause glare, so be sure to bring sunglasses along with your sunglasses straps, so you don’t lose them! Having sunglasses are important when hiking this area due to the amount of sun the area can get. Having the right gear such as sunglasses straps and a camera wrist strap can make or break a trip, so be sure to come prepared and get ready to experience Mount Fiji’s beauty.

Mount Fuji Viewpoints:

           Other than the view from Kawaguchiko Lake, there are plenty of other view-worthy places to talk about. Just be sure to bring your camera wrist strap to help you capture the view! For those visiting between the months of April and late May, the Fuji Shibazakura Festival is held at the Motosuko Resort in Fujikawaguchiko. This festival brings locals from around the island to see the pink and white flowers that emerge across acres near the resort. This resort offers visitors a picturesque view of the mountain and for those there during the festival a view of the bright pink flowers in front of the mountain. If traditional views are more your thing, Iyashi no Sato is an open-air museum that recreates what a traditional village may have looked like back in the day. Visitors can then use their camera wrist strap to help them capture a photo of the mountain with the authentic village in the foreground. There are many more spots that one can go to view this natural wonder, but honestly, the views are visible across the majority of the island. Visiting Mount Fuji is a must do for anyone traveling to Japan soon and capturing its beauty is just luxury that comes along with it. Be sure to have your handy camera wrist strap so that you can capture the crispiest photos to show all your friends at home!

Pack a camera wrist strap and sunglasses straps when traveling to Japan!