Celebrating The 4th of July in 2020

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With America’s favorite holiday coming up, people everywhere are looking forward to a sun-soaked weekend full of celebration and bonfires. From firework shows to barbecues with the boys, people everywhere are presented with the difficult choice of how they are going to celebrate. With so many different places to celebrate across the United States, we highly encourage adventurers to travel to another state to spend this American holiday! Many states are open and provide a great weekend escape many of us need, Unfortunately though, due to current circumstances, firework shows around the nation have been canceled. Not to worry though, as there are many other ways one can celebrate this American holiday. Today, we are going to be going over some of the best ways to celebrate the 4th of July in 2020!

Watching Fireworks This Year:

With the current conditions our world is in right now, various cities have canceled firework shows to limit social gatherings. Although most of the firework shows have been canceled, New York City has decided to still put on a show. Traveling to New York right now might not be the best idea so instead, gather around the TV to watch this show. Just like past years, Macy’s big Independence Day Parade is in full effect and can be streamed on channels such as NBC. Watching fireworks will be a very different experience this year. Even though places such as New York and Colorado have decided to still have firework shows, attendance will be limited or non-existent. Alternatively, people are encouraged to stream the event on their devices. Colorado’s firework show can be found here

Hiking This 4th of July:

Other than watching fireworks around the TV, there are many other ways to celebrate the 4th of July. Going out for a hike is one of the big ones. Spending time outside allows Americans to reflect on our nation while spending time in nature. For those planning on hiking, be sure to go early to beat the crowds. What could be a better way to start the day? Make the hiking experience even better by packing a picnic! Asides from going on a hike, beach bonfires, and outdoor get-togethers are another great way to celebrate the 4th of July. Just be sure to bring that handy camera and camera strap to capture all the fun!  

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Bonfires This 4th of July:

Bonfires are a great way to celebrate. Various fire pits can be found across the California Coast at spots such as Huntington Beach and San Diego. Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to get there early in the morning to claim a spot. What could be better than spending all day at the beach? A list of firepits across California can be found here

Although the holiday will look a bit different this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the 4th of July. From roasting hot dogs over the fire to morning hikes with the kids, it is virtually impossible to celebrate wrong. Remember those who fought for our independence,  and have fun celebrating the 4th of July!

Written by @visualsbyry