Choosing The Right Camera Strap

Choosing The Right Camera Strap

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a camera strap. Many look for comfort, while others may be looking for a specific design. Regardless, anyone buying a camera strap is doing so for one reason… to protect their expensive camera equipment. Although buying a camera strap may seem pretty straightforward, there are a couple of factors one should consider before purchasing such a product.

One of the biggest things one must consider when buying a camera strap is the length and adjustability. There are basically two types of straps. Ones that adjust in length and those with fixed lengths. Purchasing one over the other all depends on how one wants their strap to fit their body. Our Classic Leather Camera Strap comes in 3 different colors and is perfect for those who like having their camera hang from their neck or side. The strap is 23 ¼ inches long with 10 inches of adjustable sides giving this strap a max length of 38 inches! Although not our longest strap, the Class Leather Camera Strap is a great pick for smaller users who don’t need the extra length. 

Our next longest strap is the Crossbody Leather Camera Strap totaling a maximum length of 51 inches. Preferable for taller and larger users, this option is a must have. Just like the name suggests, you guessed it… this strap is made for those who like wearing their camera across their body. This method of carrying a camera is more popular for those hiking, exploring, and overall looking to have their hands free. This is also my personal method of carrying my camera. 

If choosing between these two straps seems too difficult, our Overlap Camera Strap is a must have for you. This strap adjusts from 28-42 inches with an additional 15 inches on both sides. Users can wear their camera across their chest when moving about, as well as hanging from their neck when shooting. The easy adjustability on this strap makes this option the most viable pick for anyone shooting. 

Although picking a camera strap can be difficult, here at Tether Straps we do our best to give you plenty of options. Whether you choose the Classic Leather Camera Strap or the Crossbody Leather Camera Strap, using a strap is a must do and we make it look darn good! Feel free to check out our other variety of products here and remember to keep adventuring out!