Cinco de Drinko

Cinco de Drinko

 One of our favorite holidays is approaching which means three things: parties, sombreros, and lots of tequila. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and tequila enthusiast cannot be more excited to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day by drinking copious amounts of tequila and having a great time. Tequila lovers around the world will come together and enjoy different types of drinks for Cinco De Mayo. Whether it be taking shots or sipping on a margarita, there are plenty of different ways to consume this globally loved drink. There are many simple tequila drinks, and here are some of the most popular ways to drink this amazing adult beverage.

Simple Tequila Drinks for Cinco De Mayo.

Simple Tequila Drink Recipes:

           Probably the most popular way to consume this Mexico classic is by taking tequila shots with both limes and salt. Make your way down to your local grocery store and grab a bottle of Jose Silver or if you are feeling generous, a bottle of Jon Julio. Just be sure the chase your shot with some salt and lime to make it go down easy! The next simple tequila drink and a very popular one are margaritas. This mix of agave syrup, limes, and tequila are a perfect way to start your morning off right. Blending the drink with ice will call for a refreshing slushy drink but either way gets the job done. For those feeling a little fancier, grab a bloody mary mix and mix it with tequila making yourself a Bloody Maria. Making your own Bloody Mary mix can make this simple tequila drink taste way better and will have people asking for your recipe. Here are two simple tequila drink recipes that are some of our personal favorites.

Bloody Maria:

-       32 Oz Tomato Juice

-       1 Cup Tequila

-       1 Large Cucumber (Seeded)

-       1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

-       1 tsp Tapatio

-       1 Tsp Grounded Pepper

-       2 Cloves of Pressed Garlic

-       Lemon/Lime Wedges to taste

Mix all these in a blender to get yourself a Bloody Maria and garnish with your personal favorite. If you want to throw it back a bit (or are a huge Kurt Russell fan), here is a classic drink that will give people a little throwback.

Tequila Sunrise:

-       3 Oz Orange Juice

-       1 ½ Oz Tequila

-       ½ Oz Grenadine

Mix all these and top off with your favorite garnish such as an orange slice or pineapple hunk.

           Cinco De Mayo is a great way for people to acknowledge Mexico’s independence no matter how you celebrate this crazy holiday. Having the right gear such as our leather sunglasses straps can help you keep track of your belonging as you party away all day. Just be sure to browse our collection of straps you can use to keep your items safe and enjoy these simple tequila drinks as you party the day away.

Simple Tequila Drinks for Cinco De Mayo

Disclaimer: Adult beverages are encouraged for those of age only. Please drink responsibly and have a great holiday.