Fall Foliage in the United States

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Have you always wanted to see the beautiful colors of fall? Have you ever seen those autumn brown forest photos and wondered where it was taken?  Each year, between September and January, tree leaves change color causing a phenomenon known as fall foliage. This extraordinary phenomenon is best seen in the northeast areas of the United States as well as the Pacific Northwestern areas. Fall foliage attracts nature lovers from around the world and today we are going to be going over some of the best places to catch the fall foliage in the United States. Just be sure to pack your camera strap and camera wrist strap to help you capture all the fun! 

Fall Foliage in Our National Parks:

One of our first places to see the fall foliage is located through the states of  Virginia and Tennessee. Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park are two major areas where visitors can take in the views that fall foliage has to offer. Grab your SUV and take a trip along the famous 105-mile Skyline Drive that goes through Shenandoah National Park! Would you rather be outside on the trails? Then hit the Appalachian Trail to hike 8 miles around Charlies Bunion in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Rumor has it that the best views of the trees can be seen atop Charlies Bunion...so grab that camera strap and hiking shoes, and start exploring the amazing views of the fall foliage!

Fall Foliage in the United States: 

Our second area that you should visit if you want to see the fall foliage in the United States is located in the beautiful state of Colorado. Aspen Colorado is a hub for travelers year-round, but fall time is something special. With the leaves beginning to change during the beginning of Fall, photographers from around the world will come to capture this amazing phenomenon. One of the best views to see the fall foliage can be seen at Kebler Pass. Known for having the largest Aspen Grove in North America, you can see why this is a popular spot. Other than this area, there are many other trails and spots through Aspen. Just be sure to use a  camera wrist strap to help you as you hike through the trails of Colorado.

More Fall Foliage:

Although these areas are our favorite places to catch the fall foliage in the United States, there are many more locations across the states. Some notable ones include Alaska (Denali National Park), Michigan (Upper Peninsula), & Oregon (Columbus River Gorge). Fall foliage is one of nature's greatest secrets that everyone must experience once in their lifetime. Next time you have a three-day weekend, grab a group of buddies and take a trip to one of these locations! Just remember, to use your camera strap and camera wrist strap to help you capture these crazy autumn colors! 

Written by @visualsbyry