Festival Essentials You Won’t Want to Miss This Upcoming Season

Festival Essentials You Won’t Want to Miss This Upcoming Season

Festival season is upon us which means it’s time to break out those trendy outfits and get ready to rage with your friends. From festivals like Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle to smaller ones like All My Friends and Coastal Country Jam, festival season brings a display of must-see artist to the grand stage drawing in thousands of visitors every year. Along with all the excitement festivals bring us, there are a few festival essentials, such as sunglass straps, that attendees should have to ensure that they have the best experience possible.

Adding Sunglass Straps to Your Outfit: 

Workers of various festivals know the aftermath of an event and all of the treasures it brings along. Every year attendees come out of the festivals missing phones, sunglasses, and much more. To ensure that you keep your items on you, here are a few festival essentials we highly recommend to you. Sunglass straps within the past couple of years have gone out of style as many users don’t want the “dad” look sunglass straps give. I guess security over fashion is not a thing in this day-and-age? If that’s your type of thinking, don’t worry because we have the perfect product for you! Made with genuine leather, our sunglass straps offer users the comfort, looks, and security anyone could ever want with this product. With over 10 different colors and style, these straps are guaranteed to match your Coachella fit as well as keep your sunglasses secure. Be sure to check out our collection here and pick one out to add to your festival fit this upcoming season! 

Comfortable Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe:

You ever see those festival photos and wonder how the person was able to bring in their expensive equipment without losing it? The answer is easy. With the comfortability and versatility, they offer, camera wrist straps are the perfect addition to your camera for the festival scene. Users are able to hold their camera in hand without having the worry of dropping it or losing it in those insane crowds. Feel free to dance around with your friends all while capturing the moment at the same time! 

Even though a camera strap is another alternative, camera wrist straps are more popular since they give the user a better sense of security as the camera is always in your hand. Another popular thing to do is to loop the strap around your belt allowing you to be hands-free, but also secure. One thing I have noticed from attending festivals is to bring a fanny pack. By using a fanny pack, users are able to keep their valuables safe all while being hands-free. Festivals seem to be taking over America’s culture, and having the right festival essentials like sunglass straps, can make or break your experience. Be sure to check out our collection here and find what suits your best to help make your festival experience the best one possible. 


Using a camera wrist strap while attending Coachella.