Fun Ideas This Mother’s Day

           Does your mother enjoy snapping photos? Maybe that’s you! Oftentimes, mothers like these can make it difficult to find them a traditional Mother’s Day gift but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Although flowers and jewelry are still a top pick for mothers around the world, another option is getting her one of our very own design camera straps. Sold in 8 different designs, these colorful camera straps are sure to catch the eye of people passing by. Looking for a Hawaiian vibe? We offer a wonderful Hilo Camera Strap, which has tropical leaves and a Hawaiian type of design along the strap. Choose from an array of straps such as the Checkered Camera Strap and Jazz Camera Strap. Along with all the gift-giving this holiday brings, eating out is also a tradition many families participate in to celebrate their mothers. Here are two very popular dining spots along the west coast that you can take your family to celebrate.

Cool design camera straps to buy your mom this Mother’s Day.

Top Dining Spots Along Pacific Coast Highway:

           Along Pacific Coast Highway in the coastal city of Newport lays the pristine Italian restaurant Pizzeria Mozza. Don’t let this name fool you, as this restaurant ranks as one of the top fine dining spots in the Orange County area. If you are looking for an authentic dining experience, this is the place to be. Having a wine list with over 50 selections from Italy, guest are able to start off their evening with a nice glass of wine before moving on to the main course. Popular dishes at this restaurant include the Pasta Cavatelli as well as any of their very own handmade pizzas. This fantastic dining spot fills up pretty quickly, so if you want to spend Mother’s Day here, be sure to make a reservation ahead of time either on their website or by phone.

Another popular spot located just one city over is Bluegold. Located in Huntington Beaches’ newly built Pacific City, Bluegold has become a favorite for those who enjoy fine dining. Bluegold is particularly popular because of the variety of foods the offer. Do you start your meal off with Caviar or Charcuterie? Uni-Pasta or Duck Confit? Only serving the most popular dishes from Bluegold’s 8 sister restaurants, this dining spot gives visitors only the best from the best. After dinner, spend the rest of Mother’s Day exploring the shops at Pacific City or enjoy a walk along the pier. Just like Pizzeria Mozza, both restaurants are very popular and reservations are encouraged.

Mother’s Day:

           Mother’s day is a very special time to celebrate with our family. For those who have mothers who are into photography, be sure to get her one of our very own design camera straps that will make her camera pop. Maybe she enjoys fine dining? Spend an evening at one of the two restaurants mentioned above to provide her with a night she will never forget. All of this can be captured on your handy camera, so make sure you have some of our collectibles so you can represent your favorite camera strap brand!

Cool design camera straps to buy your mom this Mother’s Day.