Fun Outside Las Vegas? No Way...

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Odds are, you’ve probably been to Las Vegas. Whether for the fancy buffets, bustling nightclubs, or casino gambling, Vegas has tons of thrilling things to do in the city. You probably think Las Vegas is the only reason to drive out to Nevada, but that’s where people are wrong. Right outside the bustling city, visitors can find two underrated attractions that people often overlook. Today we are going to be going over these two spots and why using sunglass straps is essential when visiting these two spots. 

Seven Magic Mountains: 

The first spot on our list is known as Seven Magic Mountains, and you’ve probably seen photos of it on Instagram. Created by Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains has slowly become a more popular spot for those driving towards Vegas. The art establishment features 7 stacks of painted boulders, each sitting 35 feet high. Each of these boulders has been locally sourced which adds a sort of sediment towards the art installation. To get to Seven Magic Mountains, take South Las Vegas Blvd off the 15. This road will swing you right past the installation regardless of which direction you are coming from. Just remember to bring your sunglasses and sunglass straps since the area is in direct sunlight! 

The Valley of Fire: 

The next destination that people often overlook can be found 50-miles northeast of Las Vegas. With over 46,000 acres of red rock formations, The Valley of Fire is an American treasure that can’t be missed. Visitors can either drive from Vegas or tent camp in the state park. The best time to visit this state park is during the spring and wintertime since summertime can produce unhealthy heat temperatures. If you do end up visiting The Valley of Fire, be sure to check out The Beehives and Pink Canyon. Honestly, every part of the park is unique and holds amazing landscapes for those who visit. Having the right gear can be important for those who want to have a great experience. Be sure to bring lots of water, sunglass straps and sunglasses, camera gear, and a hat. There is not a lot of shade in this park so be sure to be extra prepared for the heat. 

Next time you are planning on heading to Las Vegas, be sure to check out these two dope spots. Both are picturesque and will enhance your experience! Just remember to be prepared with the right gear, and have fun exploring these Utah treasures!

Written by @visualsbyry