Happy 100th Birthday to Zion National Park

Happy 100th Birthday to Zion National Park

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National Parks are a staple of American beauty and have been around for more than 100’s of years. All the way back to 1872, when Yellowstone was established, National Parks have drawn in thousands of visitors each year. One National Park that has peaked in popularity over these past few years is Zion National Park. Established in 1919, Zion National Park has been known for its amazing slot canyons (The Narrows), as well as the famous Angels Landing Hike. Here are some of the best hikes in Zion and what you might need to prepare for. Just be sure to pack your handy camera strap and sunglass straps before heading to this stunning national park. 

Most of the hikes in Zion can be accessed through their transit system that runs directly through the middle of the park. There are a total of 9 stops along the way, starting with the visitor center and ending with the infamous hike known as The Narrows. The majority of hikes in Zion are fairly easy and can be done by most people. Here is a short list of some of our favorites:

Hikes in Zion

Lower Emerald Pools Trail (1.2 Miles) - The Emerald Pools Trail is probably one of the most popular hikes in the park. Hikers have the opportunity to hike to two small pools of water where they can eat lunch and catch a view of the canyon. There is both a Lower Pool and Higher Pool that visitors can hike too. Both are fairly easy. 

The Narrows (9.4 Miles +) - Probably one of the most popular hikes in the park, The Narrows gives adventurers the opportunity to hike through the rushing river that divides the canyon of Zion. The past few times I have been in Zion, this hike has been closed due to flash flood warnings, so be sure to check online before visiting. Hikers are recommended to use waterproof equipment and wear a jacket since the canyon can get very cold. There are millions of routes within the canyon so be sure to use a map so you don’t get lost. 

Angels Landing (5.2 Miles) - Angels Landing is by far the most exciting hike in Zion National Park. Starting at the top of  Walter’s Wiggles, Angels Landing gives hikers the best view of the canyon. With sheer drops on both sides, this hike is considered very strenuous and should only be attempted by those in shape. 10 people have died attempting this hike (hence the name) so precautions should be taken while on the trail. Make sure you use a camera strap so that you are hands-free while hiking. Also, be sure to stay away from the edges and take your time. If done correctly, hikers will be rewarded with a splendid view at the top. 

With so many hikes in Zion National Park, visitors typically spend more than 3 days there. Camping is limited so be sure to reserve online. They do have a couple of first-come-first-serve sites, but I wouldn’t rely on those. Traveling to Zion is something everyone must do in their lifetime. Next time you have a free week, grab your group of adventure buddies and head out to this beautiful national park. Be sure to check out our collection of goods here to make sure you have everything you need! 

Written by @visualsbyry