Photographing the Grand Canyon

High Performing Camera Gear for Wintertime

We are in the heart of wintertime, which means photo shoots and traveling are a must. Having the right gear, such as a leather camera strap will help photographers and travelers alike as the harsh cold can create some uncalled for weather. A very popular spot to visit during these cold months is the Grand Canyon National Park where visitors get to take in the beauty of Arizona. Established as the 15th National Park in the United States, the Grand Canyon has become one of the top 5 destinations for National Park Visitors. For those who haven't visited this National Park, the Grand Canyon offers amazing views as well as plenty of hikes that lead down into the canyon. Wintertime has become a more popular time to visit because the landscape becomes covered with snow which is a site everyone must see.

Leather Camera Strap works well in the cold

The Right Gear:

If you are planning on traveling and taking photos during this time of year, make sure you have the best camera strap of 2019 as well as other gear that will keep you nice and warm. One of my personal favorites that keeps me warm as well as looks good is the Synchilla Fleece by Patagonia. This fleece is 100% Polyester which makes it water resistant and does a great job of keeping heat in. Another important thing while traveling during the winter is having the right camera gear. Having a great leather camera strap is usually a great idea as rain and snow will fall right off it. For those photographers that keep their camera around their neck when adventuring, a leather camera strap will also keep your neck warm. Another important tip is to make sure your camera gear stays warm. Electronics are known to short-circuit in extreme cold so keeping your camera in a case or wrapped in a warm jacket are important to keep the temperatures stable.

Best Camera Strap while adventuring in the snow

What The Grand Canyon Offers:

Upon arriving at the Grand Canyon, you will find that the majority of people come just to visit the canyon's edge. Venturing down into the canyon requires a certain mindset, as you have to hike back out of it. There are plenty of hikes such as the South Rim Trail that allow hikers to only hike down part ways and come back up without completing the full hike. For those extreme hikers, a beautiful landscape known as Havasu Falls can be found at the bottom of the canyon.  If you are planning on visiting during the wintertime be sure the bring your leather camera strap as well as other winter gear. Having the best camera strap as well as clothing to keep you warm will make your experience A-1.

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