Hiking Patagonia...One of The World’s Most Unique Destinations

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Photo by @toomastartes 

You’ve seen the name everywhere. Patagonia, one of the world's biggest outdoor equipment and clothing manufactures, can almost be found worldwide. Oddly enough, you would be surprised by how many don’t know Patagonia is a region at the tip of South America. Divided by the Andes Mountain Range between Argentina and Chile, this region is best known for spectacular landscapes such as grasslands and glaciers. Hiking Patagonia is something I have yet to do, but I have heard it’s life-changing. Today I will be going over your options when hiking Patagonia and what equipment you might need to combat the conditions. 

Hiking in Patagonia has various options for various abilities. Hikers are presented with both the options to travel with a tour guide or by themselves. Group lead tours can range in the thousands but will help cut down the planning. Torres del Paine National Park is a great place to start your adventure. Known for glaciers and waterfalls, this area has a variety of day hikes that can accommodate your travels. The most popular hike is the “W Trek” and will typically take 4 days to complete. This popular trek will take you through beautiful grasslands, as well as stunning mountain landscapes. 

Hiking Patagonia Glaciers: 

Another thing Patagonia is known for is its glaciers. Although glaciers can be found throughout the whole region, Los Glaciares National Park is the spot to see them. Located in Argentina, this spot is home to dozens of glaciers. Hikers will most likely arrive in El Chalten, a small town below the park, and venture out from there. There are multiple hikes, but the most iconic ones are Glacier Perito Moreno, Glacier Grey, & Fitz Roy Mount. Most of these glaciers can be accessed through hiking trails, but some are only accessible by boat. Although hiking Patagonia sounds like something out of a dream, it can be extremely strenuous at times depending on the weather.

Hiking Patagonia is one of the more difficult hiking areas in the world, so be sure to train before visiting. Depending on the weather, be sure to bring waterproof gear, emergency gear, and proper hiking boots. Also, be sure to bring your handy camera strap and camera wrist strap to help you capture all the amazing landscapes you will see. Patagonia is known for a constant change in weather so I would recommend packing for everything. If you end up booking through a company, they will often provide you with information and gear. For those who don’t, be sure to prepare accordingly. Hiking poles are also recommended for this rough terrain. If done properly, hiking Patagonia will be a life-changing experience that will leave you craving more. Just be smart in the outdoors and have fun exploring this South American gem! 

Written by @visualsbyry