How a Camera Wrist Strap Will Get You Better Food Photos

How a Camera Wrist Strap Will Get You Better Food Photos

Malibu Pier

It’s been a long day of hiking and relaxing by the beach in Malibu, and you and your friends are looking for a place to catch the sunset as well as a good meal. Where do you go? Malibu Farms, located on the pier at Malibu State beach offers the best food for those who have spent a whole day exploring. This trendy spot offers visitors an amazing view of the ocean along with access to some of the trendiest food places in the area. The Acai Bowls alone give Instagram foodies a reason to come to this spot. The food served up at this joint gives photographers an amazing color palette; just make sure you have your handy camera wrist strap to capture these gorgeous colors.

How to take good instagram food photos

Food photos are a popular way for restaurants to promote their food as well as Instagram users to make their feed more appealing. Trendy food spots such as Malibu Farms, have realized this and used this towards their advantage. By producing visually appealing (not to mention great tasting) food, they rely on their customers to share their food photos across social media. This is a great way to market their brand. Food photos can be tricky, as photographers must get close up to their object. Camera wrist straps will help photographers capture crisp photos since the wrist strap helps keeps the camera steady. Camera wrist straps give users easy access to their camera and helps to hold the camera steady as the user takes the photos. This is a great investment that will be appreciated by your photo audience.

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When you first arrive at the start of the pier you will notice that Malibu Farms has not one, but two restaurant options for visitors. Closest to land is the Malibu Farms Restaurant, that offers a full sit down and dine-in experience. If you venture a couple hundred more feet, you will arrive at their Malibu Farms Café. The Café serves the same menu but is only counter service. This is perfect for those who want a quick bite while enjoying the sunset. Both are manned by the same kitchen so either way, you will get an amazing meal as well as a gorgeous view. Just make sure you bring your handy camera wrist strap so you can capture a crisp photo of your food to show your friends.

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