How a Tether Camera Strap Will Make Your Hiking Experience More Comfortable

How a Tether Camera Strap Will Make Your Hiking Experience More Comfortable

Camera Strap Neck Pad to keep you warm

Being so close to Southern California, Joshua Tree has become a popular spot for campers, rock climbers, and slackliners. Being about a two and a half hour drive from Los Angeles, many climbers and campers will take a short weekend trip to this majestic desert. The most popular time to visit Joshua Tree is during the Spring and Fall, as temperatures can reach to around 120 degrees during the months of Summer. This means that those visiting during those colder months must be more prepared for the cold weather. This means layering up as well as having a Tether camera strap to keep your neck warm while taking photos of the amazing landscape.

Camera Strap Recommendations for windy and cold adventures

Camera strap recommendations that may make your experience cozier:

           Adventurers who hope to capture amazing photos out in the desert should be aware of how cold it gets out there and invest in a Tether camera strap. A Tether camera strap not only adds to the comfort of your camera strap but will also keep your neck warm. These are ideal since many visitors love bouldering, a technique used to scale and hop around Joshua Tree’s massive rock structures. By wearing a Tether camera strap, visitors will be able to explore the boulders without having a strain on their neck. Having your camera out while exploring is ideal, as you never know what moments you might catch.

Joshua Tree Activities:

           Many visitors travel to Joshua Tree to both rock climb as well as a slackline. Slacklining is becoming a more popular outdoor activity in recent years. Slacklining consists of users balancing on a slackline high above the ground. This activity can allow friends to capture jaw-dropping photos. Slacklining takes a certain amount of courage. If adrenaline activities are not your thing, be sure to explore the massive boulders Joshua Tree has to offer and maybe catch a sunset high above the desert. Just remember that once the sun goes down, it gets really cold and having a Tether camera strap can keep your neck nice and cozy as you capture that amazing sunset.

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