photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera

How Buying a Film Camera Can Save Your Photography

photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera

Photographers block… We’ve all had it before if photography plays some sort of role in our lives. Why is my art not good enough? Do people even enjoy my photography? The answer doesn’t matter. Photographers around the world struggle with finding new ways to create art. The simple solution? Buy a film camera. I had this same struggle a while back and after buying a film camera, I was able to start creating as I used too. Here are some of the best film cameras around today and how buying a film camera can save your photography. 

How Film Cameras Can Save Your Photography:

Film cameras have been around for ages and for those of us who were born before 2000, we remember using them growing up. Why did we stop? Over time the use of a digital camera became more popular since we could take more photos and delete unwanted ones. Even though this is a good thing, some people forgot the essence of taking a single photo. Investing in a film camera can give those the challenge most photographers back in the day had. One-shot. No deleting. No mistakes. Having a film camera can help you unlock your creativity by teaching you more about the settings of the camera. A lot of film cameras do not have an auto setting, so users have to set everything manually. By using a film camera in your daily adventures, you will soon fall back in love with the essence of photography. Don’t know which one to buy? Here are some of the best film cameras on the market right now. 

Best Film Cameras:

Minolta X-700: 

Pros: Excellent Manual Focus, More Lens Availability, Brighter Finder, All Modes

Cons: Hard to find a battery, Not as Durable

Pentax K1000:

Pros: Reliable and Sturdy, Easy to Use, Amazing Quality, Lots on the Marketplace

Cons: Limited freedom when shooting

Canon Ae-100:

Pros: Good Quality, Easy to Control, Durable, Easy to Find on the Market

Cons: No Full Program Mode (Only Shutter Priority or Manual Mode)

Shooting on film has slowly been making a comeback. Be sure you research the best film cameras so that you pick the best one for you. Also, be sure to check out our collection of camera straps so that you can add some personalization to your new film camera. We have an assortment of leather camera straps, design camera straps, & camera wrist straps. Happy shooting! 

Written by @visualsbyry