How Camera Strap Connectors Will Help You Attach any Type of Strap

 How camera strap connectors can connect a leather camera strap.    

You have just purchased a new camera strap and are excited to show it off to all your friends. You hold the packaging in your hands, take out your brand new camera strap, and prepare to attach it to your camera but for some reason, the camera strap connectors don’t fit your camera!  Many alternative camera straps will have a different way to connect or might not fit the type of camera you have. This could be because of product changes over the years or just an outdated camera type. 

 For example, I bought an old school Minolta film camera a while back, but when it arrived the connection part was different than what I was used too. By using camera strap connectors I was able to attach my new leather camera strap to an older model camera. With these handy camera strap connectors, users are able to connect almost any camera to any camera strap. With our quick clip connect system, as long as the camera strap has a basic end strap with a plastic buckle, users are able to rope the strap around one end of the quick clip while the other part connects to the camera. This is super handy on older cameras. 

How camera strap connectors can connect a leather camera strap.

Camera Security:

            The majority of new cameras this day and age have a metal piece sticking out on the side of the camera that is adaptable to the majority of camera straps. Attaching your strap with about 1 ½ inch of space between the camera and buckle is important so that you ensure the strap does not slip off the camera. That would be a disaster. Having the correct camera strap connection is important when it comes to ensuring the safety of your camera. One lose attachment could leave your camera on the ground which is something you don’t want. With our reliable camera strap connectors, you are able to connect your camera strap to any camera with the confidence your camera will be safe. Be sure to check out our collection of different connectors and decide which one fits you best! 

Written by @visualsbyry