How Sunglass Straps Can Help You Avoid One of Bali’s Local Traps


Using leather sunglass straps while exploring Bali’s Monkey Forest.


            Summer has arrived yet again and you and your friends are looking for somewhere epic to travel. Photos of your friends hanging out with monkeys in the beautiful tropics of Bali’s Monkey Forest come across your feed as you scroll through Instagram and suddenly have the urge to travel out there. Over the past couple years, Bali, as well as many other Asian countries, have become more and more popular for vacationers. Conversion rates are extremely cheap for Americans and Europeans wanting to travel to these popular destinations. With the crazy amount of tourists flocking the island, locals have figured out a way to make a little extra money; you’d be pretty shocked on their methods. Oddly enough, owning a pair of sunglass straps can help prevent tourists from falling into their genius trap. 

Using Sunglass Straps to Avoid Unwanted Monkeys: 

Bali has many popular destinations, but one of the most popular can be found in south-central Bali where tourist flock to the famous Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest. Located in the town of Padangtegal, the locals view the Monkey Forest as a somewhat spiritual and economic center for the village. After paying a small fee, tourists are then allowed inside where they can feed and take as many photos of the monkeys as they want. Just remember to have your leather sunglass straps so that you can be prepared for what comes next. 

What seems like something a little far fetched, the locals use the Monkey Forest as a way to make a little extra money. Over time, the locals have trained the monkeys to steal items off the tourists, mainly sunglasses and phones. By rewarding the monkeys with fruit, the locals gain possession of the stolen items and sell them back to tourists for a small fee. Crazy right! Talk about thinking outside of the box! With that being said, visitors of the forest should be extra vigilant of their surroundings if they don’t want to be subjected to the locals’ scheme. This is where an investment in sunglass straps comes in. Having these attached to your sunglasses can make it a little more difficult for monkeys to take your shades. 


Bali’s Coast:

            Aside from Bali’s Monkey Forest, there are plenty of other hikes and activities one can do on the island. Snorkeling along the coast of South Bali has become more and more popular over the years as tourists are able to experience the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Popular spots include the Nusa Islands and spots along the coast of Padangbai. I would highly recommend snorkeling while on the island because you will get to see fish you normally wouldn’t see depending on where you are from. If snorkeling isn’t your thing, feel free to relax along any of the beaches that border the island. Bali is a beautiful place and has a lot of outdoor opportunities for those travel enthusiast. Just be sure to get your trusty leather sunglass straps so that you can keep your shades safe and remember to be extra vigilant in the Monkey Forest


Written by Ryan Ong