Different ways to use a leather camera strap and camera wrist strap.

How to Carry a Camera Strap

leather camera strap


            You’re out shooting with your friends and you notice a group of people photographing some scenery. Each of them has their camera either hanging from their neck or in their hand and you can quickly tell that there are many different styles to holding a camera. Do they use a leather camera strap? Are they using no strap at all? These are the questions one must keep in mind when deciding on what type of strap they should buy. From using a genuine leather camera strap to using a camera wrist strap, there are many different methods used when holding a camera, and we are going to be covering the major ones today.


Camera Strap Carrying Techniques:

            The most popular method when looking for a camera carrying method is going to be the camera strap. This is because most cameras come with their own manufacturer camera strap. Even though most new cameras come with a camera strap, we believe you should trade that in and buy your very own leather camera strap. Having more durability then the kit strap, these leather camera straps are more durable and look way cooler. Another thing to keep in mind is that while you travel, it’s better to not have the words “Canon’ and “Nikon” across your camera strap; doing so can draw unwanted attention. By owning your own leather camera strap, you will be able to have a subtle look to your camera as well as a reliable camera strap. Having a custom camera strap is also very helpful when it comes to length. Most kit camera straps are one length so when carrying it, users will often find their camera swinging against their side or chest. With different styles to choose from, users are able to set a longer fit to their liking. Users can carry their camera either by having the camera strap around their neck or around their shoulder. By carrying the camera around the neck, users have easy access to their camera when needed. Finding the right length is important too so that you can find the comfiest way to hold your camera. 



            My personal favorite is to carry the camera by slinging the camera strap over your shoulder. With the strap coming right across your chest and the camera hanging by your hip, I have found this method to be the most comfortable. With the strap pulled across your chest, this gives the camera very little wiggle room and makes the user feel secure about carrying their camera. I have even been able to rock climb while using this method! If using a leather camera strap does not sound like your forte, a camera wrist strap may be right up our alley. Using a camera wrist strap allows the user to travel with their camera in their hand, with the safety of knowing it won’t drop. Camera wrist straps are becoming more popular and you may see many users using them outdoors. 

No matter which method you use, find whatever is most comfortable for you and be sure to check out our great collection of straps here


Written by Ryan Ong