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How to Correctly Plan for a Photoshoot

camera strap, camera wrist strap, sunglass straps, photoshoot styles, photoshoot tips, photo shoot locations


Have you ever gone out to shoot but soon realized it was poorly planned? Maybe the place was too crowded. Maybe you didn’t have the right equipment. Planning for a photoshoot is more important than one might think. When it comes to photography, it is rare that everything will go your way. It might be too windy, or there might be too many people at the spot you’ve chosen. When it comes to photography, the best thing you can do to improve your shoot is to control what you can and be prepared for the variables. Here are some photoshoot tips that have helped me, and that I believe are important for when it comes to a photo shoot. 

One of the first and probably obvious photoshoot tips is to make sure you have the right equipment. This means knowing what you are going to shoot and how the conditions might be. If you are planning on shooting in a location where the light is hard to control, bring a light reflector. These can be purchased online and can help you reflect light as well as diffuse light. The next thing you should remember to bring is a camera strap. Although using a camera strap is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, keeping your camera protected from falls is probably the best way you keep your equipment safe and functional. 

One of the best photoshoot tips I have ever received was to scout out the location before shooting there. By checking out the area you are going to shoot at before, you will be able to see how the light naturally moves and potential spots you can use during your shoot. By doing this, you will be able to preplan your photoshoot without the pressure of the subjects there, and you will be able to direct more like a professional during the actual shoot. Another reason this is important is so that you know all about the area before going. Maybe the spot closes early and you didn’t know that. Maybe you didn’t realize how popular that spot was during golden hour. It never hurts to take time out of your day to go scout a spot, and who knows? You might even get some cool shots of the area before your shoot! 

Another one of our photoshoot tips is to plan your styles. As a photographer, most of you already know what kind of photography you shoot. Take this another step by carefully planning out outfits, locations, and themes. If you shoot a lot of lifestyle photos, make sure the outfits look more natural! If you are looking to draw the viewer’s eyes to the outfit, be sure there is nothing in the background that could draw them away. Color balance is another thing I find important when conducting a photoshoot. I usually find that having opposing colors in the outfits and locations come out best in photos. This means planning vibrant outfits for bland locations and vice-versa. If sticking to one color is your style, then you do you! The main point here is to always plan out before going out to shoot. 

There are so many different photoshoot tips you could be given that will help your photography. These are a couple of the ones I found helpful to the practice and I hope they help you as well. Once again though, the best way to get more experience is to go out there and shoot! The best way to learn is in the field. Be sure to check out our photo related photo products here, and have fun conducting your next photoshoot!

Written by @visualsbyry