How to Pick the Correct Camera Strap Length

27-29 Inches:

           Picking out a camera strap can be a very tricky process, as there are many different camera strap lengths, let alone camera strap designs. Lucky for you, we are going to be going over all the pros of the different lengths and which camera strap length we believe will suit you best. The most basic and probably the most popular camera strap length is going to be around 27-29 inches with some adjustable length on the sides. This length comes in perfectly for the photographers who love having their camera hanging from their neck while directing a photo shoot. With this length, depending on your height, the camera will usually sit right around your abdomen area and gives the user easy access to grab their camera to capture a shot. The one con to this camera strap length is the hassle of having this heavy camera dangling in front of you. Because of this, people may resort to buying a strap of a different length.

how to choose the best camera strap photographer

23-26 Inches:

           You may think that a couple of inches wouldn’t make a difference in your comfortability but trust us, it does. The second camera strap length people often go for falls right in between 23 and 26 inches. This length has personally become one of my favorites. It makes it easy to travel around with such a short length. With a shorter length, users are able to sling their camera over their shoulder and not have the camera swing around as much. This is perfect for those hiking or for the user who likes their camera close to their body. I personally prefer this strap because it allows me to hold my camera by the strap as well as sling it over my shoulder so that the camera is not in my way.

27 Inches and Up:

           The last length is a newer length that I am beginning to see more photographers use. Camera straps that are over 27 inches give users the feeling of carrying a book back over their shoulder, as the camera will often times sit right below the hip area. This camera strap length is often perfect for those who are taller or much larger giving the user more range of motion with their camera while connected to their body. Since this camera strap length typically is longer, users may have less camera control while using this strap. That said, there is a camera strap length for everyone and I believe the best way to pick yours out is by going with whatever look or style you enjoy shooting best. Be sure to check out our camera strap designs here as well as the different camera strap lengths.

how to choose the best camera strap photographer