How to Spice up Your Easter Celebration this Year

How to Spice up Your Easter Celebration this Year


            Easter is finally here and that means going to Easter Sunday with the friends and family or just hanging out with great people regardless. Easter egg hunts were fun as a kid but let’s be honest; why not stop the fun as an adult? Why not switch up the Easter celebrations for the kids to make things a bit more competitive all while entertaining your adult guests? Here are some fun Easter egg hunt alternatives and party ideas that you can try this upcoming Easter season. The first one may seem a bit obvious but filling up the Easter eggs with something other than candy could make the kids go wild. Adding money or tickets to a basketball game could satisfy both the older kids as well as the younglings.

Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives:

           If planning your family get-togethers is something you are often in charge, other Easter egg hunt alternatives could make the party a bit more exciting. Try playing Easter egg relay races. Friends and family members will take turns trying to find one singular egg before tagging the next person on their team to go find the next one. This alternative is an awesome team game and you can even make it more competitive by adding a prize for the winning team! If you want to take things to the next level, find really good hiding places since older kids and adults are less oblivious to the basic hiding places. For those of age, a fun Easter egg hunt alternative is to hide craft beers around the garden and basically treat them like hidden eggs. You can even use an empty six-pack instead of an Easter egg basket to make things more fitting. Even though this may be a bit more expensive, you are bound to have an Easter celebration that no one will ever forget! Remember that planning an Easter celebration is much more than just fun and games. Be sure to have an array of foods and adult beverages spread out for the guest to indulge on while the kids run their Easter egg hunt. Having other activities ready such as frisbee’s and footballs can give the older ones something to do until the big event goes down. Having good prizes such as movie tickets, craft beers and money will always make for a spectacular celebration and will have your friends and family members begging for you to host Easter again.

A Time to Celebrate:

           Easter is a great time for friends and family members to get together and spend quality time together. Having fun Easter egg hunt alternatives are a great way to keep the older audience involved as well as create memories for those who have grown out of childish Easter egg hunts. Activities that include craft beers and prizes other than candy can keep the older audience happy as well as establish your house for having the coolest Easter celebration in town! Just remember to bring your camera with its leather camera strap to capture all the fun!