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Indoor Activities You May Have Forgot Existed

camera strap, camera wrist strap, sunglass straps, outdoor gear, camera equipment, indoor activities, board games to buy, things to do inside, stuff to do when you’re bored

Photo by @christinhumephoto

If you are like us, then you probably enjoy your time best when you are outside. Your perfect weekend consists of hiking and doing outdoor activities with your friends. Unfortunately, across our world today people are being told to stay inside due to COVID-19. This pressing issue our world faces is in fact, a real concern, and we must do our best to stay quarantined. Although this may seem like a bad thing, having more time to yourself can actually be good. Here are a few indoor activities that you can do to help you pass the time during this quarantine… 

Indoor Activities to Do During This Quarantine:

Board Games - Monopoly? Uno? Yahtzee? Break out all those old games you used to play growing up! What could be better than spending this quarantine in a competitive fashion? Don’t have board games? Be sure to check the app store to download group games such as Heads Up, Piccolo, & more...

Read a Book - Does anyone else have that book list they never seem to get around to? Well lucky for us, now we have plenty of time. Amazon is still running, so be sure to check out new books online if needed! 

Get Your Hobbies Tuned Up - Freetime means more time to ourselves. Make sure to use this time to fine-tune your hobbies! Practicing an instrument, editing old photos, improving your cooking skills, & creating artwork are all examples of hobbies we can pick up again. Painting, drawing, & creating artwork is another great way to exercise the creative side of our brain all while staying home!

Movie/TV Show Bender - When else will you ever have extensive amounts of time? It’s times like these call for a bowl of popcorn and Netflix…

More Indoor Activities: 

Plan Your Next Trip - Even though we can’t travel in the upcoming weeks, right now could still be a good time to plan a trip for the future. Research destinations and activities, so that when we can travel again you already have something planned out! 

Exercise - Regardless of how you spend your day, try your best to find time to exercise. Youtube can provide various indoor exercise circuits that can keep you in shape while the gyms are closed. Stretching is also very important. Starting your morning off by stretching for 15 minutes can drastically improve the day ahead. 

Pick Up New Hobbies - Now more than ever is the time to learn something you’ve been wanting to learn for a while. Follow the stock market! Learn astronomy! Start a food photography blog! In this day-and-age, everything can pretty much be learned on the internet. Take advantage of this time.

Stream a Virtual Concert - Plenty of artists around the globe have been releasing streams of their live music for viewers around the world to watch. Some platforms are even going as far as creating virtual festival experiences for those who are missing out on festival season. Check out Brownies & Lemonade for their virtual festival streaming April 5th - 7th.

Spending time at home is something we all should be practicing if instructed too. Instead of looking at this quarantine as a bad thing, take advantage of all the free time and partake in these indoor activities! Who knows? Maybe you could come out of this with a newfound skill you didn’t know existed! 

Written By @visualsbyry