Ireland! The Home of the Irish

Ireland! The Home of the Irish

           Beer, the color green, and Leprechauns? Yep, you guessed it! Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and what could be more fun than dressing up and hitting all the Irish Pubs in your city. Honestly, a lot of things and one of those includes spending your Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Being the home country of the Irish, Ireland ranks as the best place to celebrate this crazy holiday and I bet you can imagine why. Here are the best cities to spend Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland and what goes on in this jolly country.

Ireland’s Most Celebrated Cities:

           The first and probably most obvious city to celebrate the holiday is in Ireland’s own capital, Dublin. Tourist and locals alike, spend their holiday day-drinking at the famous Temple Bar, in anticipation of the local parade. Right around mid-day, a carnival-style parade breaks out that goes right by the Temple Bar giving visitors a great view of the festivities. Tourist should be sure to bring their leather camera strap as the city can get very busy and losing or even dropping your camera is a high possibility. After the festivities, all attendees spend the rest of their day bar hopping many of the local hubs. Just make sure to arrive early to the celebration to get a good spot and even earlier if you want to explore Dublin, Ireland’s capital. During the holiday many buildings and houses become decorated with greenish décor and lights. A must-see site to all visiting. If Dublin seems a little too crazy for you, hop over a couple cities South to the historical city of Kilkenny. Spending Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland can be a bit crazy for tourist and the city of Kilkenny provides the perfect equilibrium. Being a more historical city, Kilkenny has events that span over a course of 5 days and holds events for visitors of all ages. Just like Dublin, Kilkenny has a Saint Patrick’s Day parade that is a must see and showcases the history and authenticity of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States:

            If spending Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland is a bit out of your budget there are still many things to do to celebrate this awesome holiday. Most cities provide bar crawls that will leave attendees wondering what happened to their day as well as smaller parades that run through certain cities. Chicago, having Irish heritage dyes their entire river green. San Francisco does it as well! Both have amazing parades and an array of pubs that visitors can attend. For those located near our headquarters in Sunset Beach, O’Malley’s is a great spot to grab a beer and celebrate this Irish holiday. If traveling is out of your budget, grab a group of friends and head over to the closest Irish Pub to celebrate with some beers and food. If you plan on being in the crowds, just remember to bring your leather camera strap to keep your gear safe and close to you.