Places to Eat in Carlsbad That Will Leave Your Taste Buds Wanting More

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Photo by Vince Fleming

Located in between the major cities of Los Angeles and San Diego lies the beautiful coastal city of Carlsbad. Known for beach camping, surfing, & sunny skies, this coastal city is one of the most popular places to go beach camping. While beach camping and local flower fields are two of Carlsbad’s biggest attractions, the amazing food found along the coast has become another great reason to visit. With so many places to eat in Carlsbad, we’ve decided to compile you a list of our favorites located in Carlsbad and the surrounding areas.

Places to Eat in Carlsbad: 

The Yellow Deli $ (Vista) - Opened 24 hours a day between Monday and Friday, The Yellow Deli is a quaint restaurant lodge that brings the Southern California comfort to life. This place is known for their sandwiches as well as their breakfast. Some of our favorites are the Reuben Sandwich & The Breakfast Sandwich. If you plan on taking photos of your food, be sure to use your handy camera wrist strap to capture those crisp images!  

Bluewater Grill $$ (Carlsbad) - Craving seafood? Then be sure to get a meal at this seaside restaurant. Located on Carlsbad Village Drive, this seafood joint gives visitors the relaxing ambiance of fine dining by the sea. Honestly, the menu is so good, you can’t go wrong with your order. Favorites include their clam chowder and their fresh sour bread! They also have a fish market next door for those who want to grab some tacos and hit the beach! Other popular dishes include the Bacon & Crab Sandwich, Grilled Spanish Octopus, & Oysters. 

Board & Brew $ (Carlsbad) - Looking for the perfect lunch after a long day of surfing? Known as the local favorite, Board & Brew serves up the perfect amount of food in the form of sandwiches. Whether it is a juicy beef dip or a turkey deluxe, the flavors of these sandwiches will satisfy your taste buds. Be sure to pair your sandwich with a beer as well! 

Revolution Roasters $ (Carlsbad) - Are you a coffee fanatic? Revolution Roasters is the ideal LA coffee spot...not in LA. The ambiance in the little shop alone will make it a fan favorite. Be sure to try their lavender honey latte or delicious cold brew. They also make their own almond milk! After going to one of the many places to eat in Carlsbad, this spot is definitely a must-visit to top off that filling meal. 

With so many places to eat in Carlsbad, we hope that we helped narrow down your selection. Be sure to use your handy camera strap while shooting pics of your food, and enjoy your time in this relaxing beach city!  

Written by @visualsbyry