Using a camera strap while visiting Banff National Park.

Reasons to Visit Banff National Park and How a Camera Strap Can Help You

Using a camera strap while visiting Banff National Park.

Have you ever seen those bright blue lakes in photos and thought “are those even real?” The answer is yes, and they can be found along the stretch of Banff National Park. Located in Alberta Canada, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park (located above Banff) give visitors a chance to escape their everyday lives and enjoy the crisp outdoors.  Visiting during summer is ideal since temperatures can get a low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 Degrees Celsius. The perfect vacation is to spend half of the trip in Banff and the other in Jasper. If this seems like your ideal trip, be sure to continue reading as we will be going over popular stuff to do in each town. Just remember to use your camera strap to keep you hands-free while you are exploring these Canadian beauties.  

Banff National Park:

Visiting Banff National Park has become more and more popular over the years. What draws the tourists are the amazing views Lake Louise as well as all the other lakes located in the park. Being Banff National Park’s main attraction for over a century, Lake Louise offers visitors a view most will remember for a lifetime. Tourists have to option to either stay at the Lake Louise Chalet (which can run you about $1000 a night) or just come visit for the day. Upon arriving, visitors have options to rent kayaks and canoes as well as take a small hike to the famous Lake Agnes Tea House. Using a camera strap is essential when renting kayaks and canoes since you will be on the water. You wouldn’t want to lose that expensive camera of yours! 

More Lakes:

Although Lake Louise is a popular spot, there are a couple of others that make our list. Be sure to visit Moraine Lake, Peyton Lake, and Lake Minnewanka. All of these lakes have slowly been getting more popular over the years, so be sure to arrive early in the morning or late in the evening to miss the crowds. If the outdoors is not your favorite thing to do, be sure to check out the town of Banff and the castle. There are lots of shopping and eating around as well as a farmers market every week. Be sure to check the time and day though since it changes over the summer. Banff National Park has tons to do and see, so spending a week there is ideal. After your week, be sure to head north towards  Jasper National Park to see the famous Glaciers!

Jasper National Park:

Jasper National Park has been around for ages and is most known for its glaciers. The biggest one, Athabasca Glacier, can be visited by bus and is a must-see for anyone visiting the park. Using a camera strap on this venture will help a lot since the ice is very slippery and can lead to unwanted injuries. Through Columbia Icefield Adventure, visitors are offered two different packages which allow them to walk along the sky bridge as well as take a bus up to the glacier. Just like Banff National Park, this spot can get very busy during high season so be sure to book your trip early.

Visiting Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are definitely bucket list-worthy and give visitors a chance to see the spectacular views of our world. Bringing a camera is essential when visiting this area. Just be sure to use your camera strap so you can have a hassle-free trip! 

Written by @visualsbyry