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Stunning Winter Landscapes You Must Visit

camera strap, camera wrist strap, places to visit during the winter, winter blog, travel blog

We’ve all seen the movie Frozen and have wondered what it would be like to visit a winter wonderland similar to the ones depicted in the film. Snowfall everywhere. Icicles hanging from trees. Landscapes like this only exist in the movies right? If you follow any travel blogs, you would know this is not true, and places like this exist all around the world. You just have to know where to look! Here are a couple of our favorite places to visit during the winter that will leave you feeling like you’re part of a Christmas movie. Just be sure to use your handy camera strap so that camera of yours doesn’t fall into the snow! 

Places to Visit During the Winter in Norway: 

The United States has lots of popular places to visit during the winter, but to start our list we are going to be traveling to Norway, the land of the infamous Northern Lights. This Scandinavian Country has become a popular winter destination due to the Northern Lights. The best places to see the Northern Lights are found at the Northern tip of Norway. Places like Lyngenfjord, Tromsø, & The Lofoten Islands give travelers the best view to see the lights. Be sure to bring warm clothes and use your camera while capturing this stunning phenomenon. If you are looking for more winter activities to participate in, be sure to head to Oslo, Norway’s capital. Here you can find many family activities such as skiing or visiting historical sites. 

Places to Visit During the Winter in America: 

The next place that you can find on our list of places to visit during the winter, is Wyoming. Home of  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming has an array of landscapes that will give you a White Christmas experience. Popular activities include cross-country skiing through the backcountry of Yellowstone or taking a sleigh ride around Jacksonhole. Get a park permit and pair of snowshoes before heading into Yellowstone to see the glorious landscapes inside of the park. We do not have a favorite spot because every spot inside the park will offer visitors stunning views. If you are looking for a more laid back vacation, be sure to visit the city of Jackhole. Enjoy some elk tenderloin at the Blue Lion Restaurant before taking a nice walk through the town. Wyoming truly is a winter wonderland and is a must-visit place during the winter.  Although both these locations are amazing places to visit during the winter, we are going to give you one more that might pique your interest. 

More Places to Visit During the Winter: 

Located in the Northeastern part of the United States lies Portland, Maine. Known for the best tasting lobsters and the best views of lighthouses, Portland is the perfect place to visit during the winter. This place has an abundance of winter landscapes that can be seen from their various hiking trails. Some of the best winter paths can be found in Wolfe’s Neck State Park & Acadia National Park. Just remember to bring your camera and camera strap so that you can capture all the winter beauty as well as the historic lighthouses of Maine. 

Traveling during the winter is an experience you will not forget. Just be sure to have the right gear so that you stay warm, and have fun exploring these places during the wintertime! 

Written by @visualsbyry