Sunglasses Straps Needed at The Scariests Roller Coaster Parks in America

Sunglasses Straps Needed at The Scariests Roller Coaster Parks in America

We all know the thrill of riding up a roller coaster track anticipating the 255-foot drop on the other side waiting to happen. We also know that gut feeling of losing your sunglasses while riding because you didn’t use sunglasses straps. Roller coasters like Goliath can be so much fun as long as you have the right equipment! Being located in Six Flags California, Goliath along with about 18 other roller coasters breaks the world record for having the most rides in a singular amusement park. Built in 1971, Six Flags Magic Mountain has attracted millions of adrenaline junkies and remains one of the best roller coaster parks in California. Today we are going to be ranking a few of the best roller coaster parks in America, as well as some of their top features. Be sure to wear your leather camera strap and sunglasses straps to avoid losing your precious equipment while exploring these crazy amusement parks!

How sunglasses straps and a leather camera strap can keep your stuff safe.

Using Sunglasses Straps at Cedar Point:

           Being located in Sandusky Ohio, Cedar Point holds the title as one of the best coaster parks in the Northeast and is known for having some of the scariest coasters in America. Being self-proclaimed as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”, Cedar Point has a variety of rides to back up their statement. Here are some of their top rides and attributes.

-       Millennium Force: known for having tops speeds of 93 mph and a maximum height of 310 feet. Being one of the faster coasters in the park, Millennium Force adds to its thrill by also being the first full-circuit coaster to climb over 300 feet. Riders first climb 310 feet before dropping the same distance before being propelled into two more massive hills.

-       Top Thrill Dragster – ultimately the fastest ride at the park, this coaster tops off at speeds of 120 mph and has a drop covering 420 feet. That’s insane! Propelling riders off from the start at speeds of 120 mph, riders are slung up and over the 420-foot hill making this ride the scariest in the park by default.

For those visiting anytime soon, be sure to bring and wear your sunglasses straps to both protect your eyes as well as your property. There have been way too many times where I have lost my sunglasses on a roller coaster just because I didn’t have sunglasses straps. Be sure to check out our array of straps here.

Six Flags Great America:

           Being only an 8-hour drive from Cedar Point, Six Flags Great America holds its ground in New Jersey. Visitors can either lose their mind over Kingda Ku or their gut over Bizarro as both coasters have gut-wrenching drops and twists.

-       Kingda Ku – standing a legendary 456 feet, this ride is probably ranked as one of the scariest coasters in all of North America. Riders are first propelled from 0 – 128 mph in less than 4 seconds, making this roller coaster the fastest on the continent… Riders are then dropped into a 27-degree spiral which gives riders the feeling of weightlessness before finishing up. This is one coaster you will either want to start your day off with or you will want to save it for last!

-       Bizarro – having over 5 different rolls and corkscrews, this ride has been known to give riders the feeling of zero-gravity. Not one of your fastest coaster in the park but definitely one of the most exciting.

Whether it be dropping at heights over 300 feet or propelling from 0 – 128 mph in less than 4 seconds, roller coaster are some of the craziest ways for adrenaline lovers to get their rush in. Next time you are on the East Coast, make your trip a little more exciting by visiting these crazy attractions. Just remember to bring your sunglasses straps and leather camera strap so you don’t lose your precious items while riding! Check out our great selection here.

How sunglasses straps and a leather camera strap can keep your stuff safe.