camera strap, camera wrist strap, prism photography, christmas lights, creative props

Surprising Ways to Enhance Your Photography

camera strap, camera wrist strap, prism photography, christmas lights, creative props

Have you ever looked at your photography and thought “how can I make this more lively?” If so, be sure to continue reading as we are going to be going over small things you can do to make your photography stand out as you take better photos. While it does come down to knowing the basics of photo taking, we are going to be going over several objects that can enhance your photos that you might find surprising. 

One of the biggest things you can do that will help you take better photos is to use props. Using props is underrated and can easily take your photo from basic to stunning. Different props are recommended for different styles of photography, but don’t let that limit your creativity. Here is a list of props that you can use to help you take better photos

Accessories That Will Make Your Photos Pop: 

Clothing Accessories - Doing a lifestyle shoot? Be sure to bring a hat, shades, rings, and other lifestyle objects to make your photo pop a bit. Having your model wear trendy shades on their head can take your photo from regular too stylish. Accessorizing a subject can really tell a story and is essential when trying to convey a message.

Lifestyle Objects - using objects like a skateboard, a beach volleyball, or a backpack can give your photo more of a “realistic feel.” This is extremely helpful for those trying to capture that natural lifestyle look. Other objects that look great in photos include books, fruit, camera straps, and drinks.

Lights - using twinkle lights or Christmas lights have become a popular trend recently, thanks to the photographer Brandon Woelfel. Make your portraits seem more dreamy by having your model hold twinkle lights in front of them! Have fun and experiment with different light sources and camera settings. 

Prisms - Prism photography has become more popular in the last 4 years. Using a prism can bounce light in a way you would never have thought was possible. Holding a prism in front of your camera lens can give you stunning results. This is how photographers achieve the rainbow effect in their photos. 

Take Better Photos: 

Using everyday objects can drastically help you take better photos. Although props will make your photos pop, knowing camera basics and the way light affects your photos is essential for understanding photography. Next time you go shooting, be sure to use some of these props and let your creativity run wild! 

Written by @visualsbyry