Using a dog leash at the best dog-friendly hikes in the United States.

The Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in the United States

Using a dog leash at the best dog-friendly hikes in the United States.


You’re looking for your next adventure but this time you’ve decided to bring your four-legged friend along. Oftentimes, trails and parks are pretty strict about having dogs on the trail regardless if they have a dog leash or not. Our furry friends should not be limited to where they can hike! Through the years we have done many dog-friendly hikes and have come up with three of the best ones you can do in the United States. Being located in the states California, Utah, and Colorado we encourage each and everyone one of you to visit these spots with your dog all the while taking in the wonders of these beautiful states. Just remember to bring your colorful dog leash just in case your dog gets too excited! 

Duck Pass Trail:

Located in Mammoth Lakes California, visitors will discover the wonders of  Duck Pass Trail. Being around 5.5 miles total, hikers and their dogs get to experience both the landscape of the forest as well as the vast lakes that line this trail. This hike has claimed to be one of the more popular dog-friendly hikes, as hikers get to pass multiple lakes such as Barney Lake and Pike Lake. All hikes within the Mammoth Lakes area are dog-friendly, as long as they are wearing a dog leash. Be sure to clean up after your pet and enjoy your time in the Californian gem. 

Hiking In Utah Without a Dog Leash:

Located two states over, adventurers and their dog can explore the hidden canyons of an intermediate hike known as Little Wildhorse & Bells Canyon Loop. Being a dog-friendly hike, visitors and their dogs are allowed to hike through this almost 9-mile canyonland. A dog leash is not required while hiking through this canyon but a dog harness is recommended since there are difficult spots for your dog to climb. With views similar to Antelope Canyon, this hike draws more visitors so don’t be surprised if you see other dogs on the trail!


The Most Refreshing Dog-Friendly Hike

Looking for a change of air pressure? Yup, you read that right. Located around 6,000 feet above sea level you will find the state of Colorado. Already being known for having some of the freshest air out there, Colorado has a vast variety of outdoor activities that you and your dog can enjoy. One of the more dog-friendly hikes can be found at Bear Peaks Trailhead. This 8-mile round trip hike gives hikers a view of various meadows as well as the green landscape that surrounds them. This trail is dog-friendly as long as you use a dog leash. As much as we love the outdoors, so do our dogs. Be sure to abide by the rules at each spot and remember to always pick up after your pet. Looking to switch it up a bit and get your dog a new leash? Check out our newest collection of dog leashes here and have a fun time exploring the best dog-friendly hikes across the United States. 

Written by Ryan Ong