Using a camera wrist strap while photographing these sunsets

The Best Places to Photograph Sunsets in Southern California

Using a camera wrist strap while photographing these sunsets

Around the world, Southern California is known for its beach towns and trendy food styles. Travelers from around the globe spend their holidays venturing over to places such as Huntington Beach and San Diego. While missing a beachy sunset down here seems nearly impossible, there are a few locations that stand out over others when it comes to catching a sunset. Today we are going to be going over a few of our favorite places to see the sunset and what gear you might want to bring with you. 

See The Sunset in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles always seems a little hectic for those coming to visit. With over 4 million residents, Los Angeles offers those visiting an abundance of activities to do. The Perch, located in downtown Los Angeles, is known best for its rooftop bar as well as it’s outdoor dining patio located 15 floors up. Patrons can come during the evening to see the sunset go down over the building of Los Angeles, then head up to the rooftop bar to get their night started. If the city life isn’t your cup of tea, head over to the Griffith Observatory to do some hiking and see some stars! The Griffith Observatory has been around for years and offers star shows weekly as well as fantastic views of the Hollywood Sign and Los Angeles. Griffith is one of the best places to see the sunset in Los Angeles so be sure to come early as parking can fill up quickly. Los Angeles is a pretty busy area so remember to use a camera wrist strap or camera strap while photographing your endeavors. Both these options will fit in with the Los Angeles aesthetic as well as make your trip easier. 

See The Sunset in San Diego: 

Even though seeing the sunset from the city can be exhilarating, there are plenty of spots along the beach that come as a close second. Located along the 101 Highway is Torrey Pines State Park. Visitors can hike amongst the pines during sunset before finding a viewpoint along the coast to watch it go down. This is the best place to see the sunset in San Diego and is a must-see if you are planning on heading down there. Want to get that 1970’s California beach vibe? Take a drive along the 101 highway during sunset and throw on your favorite song. This highway has been voted one of the most scenic highways to see the sunset on and cannot be missed. Just be sure to use your sunglass straps so your shades don’t fly off! 

Whether it be an evening at a rooftop bar in Los Angeles or hiking amongst the pines in San Diego, Southern California has plenty of options for you to see the sunset. Some other notable locations include 1000 Steps Beach (Laguna Beach), Knapp’s Castle (Santa Barbara), & our very own headquarters in Sunset Beach. Just remember to bring your gear such as sunglass straps and camera straps to make your experience go smoothly!

Written By Ryan Ong