The Best Things to See in Alaska and How You Can Visit

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From the iconic scenes of Grizzly Bears catching fish off waterfalls to a one-of-a-kind wildlife refuge, traveling to Alaska has been known as one of the most magical experiences North America offers. Coming in as the largest U.S. state, Alaska gives visitors a unique sense of isolation that many explorers search for. Although visiting Alaska is something most want to do, the reality of planning a trip to this isolated state can be quite expensive. Here is a list of some of the best things to see in Alaska and how one might plan their trip. 

Visiting Alaska:

The best time to visit Alaska falls between May and September. During those months, the days are long and the weather is prime. Separated into 6 widely-accepted regions, making the state the largest in the nation. Because of how remote the majority of Alaska is, transportation options are limited. The most popular way people see Alaska is by cruise ship. Many cruise ship companies such as Seabourn and Carnival provide travelers with the easiest option. Most ships have full-blown itineraries and will stop at the popular towns of Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan. Although this option is one of the best ways to see this state, it often is the most expensive. Other transportation options in Alaska include seaplanes and train rides. 

Best Things to See  in Alaska:

Visit The Alaskan Raptor Center - Located in the beautiful town of Sitka, this wildlife refuge covers 17 acres of land and is used as a rehabilitation center for animals such as the Bald Eagle. Tickets can be purchased online. At the sanctuary, visitors can expect to learn about and see various wildlife animals. All animals admitted to the sanctuary are rescues and receive top-notch care from the staff. Visiting Sitka is not complete without a trip to this wildlife refuge. 

Go Whale Watching - Starting in early-May and ending around late-September, various whale species can be seen off the coast of Alaska. From Killer Whales to Gray Whales, Alaska provides visitors with some of the best spots to see whales break through the surface of the Pacific Ocean. 

Witness Bears in The Wild- Amongst all of the creatures in the world, Grizzly Bears are one of the more reputable animals in the animal kingdom. Tours that include camping, flying, and more give visitors the option to witness these ferocious beasts in the wild. Bears are one of the best things to see in Alaska and will give visitors a rare and unforgettable experience. 

Visit Misty Fiords National Monument - Coined as the “Yosemite” of Alaska by the great John Muir, Misty Fiords gives visitors true wildlife experience. Abundant with wildlife, Misty Fiords is one of the best places for visitors to see animals in their true habitat. Because of its remoteness, visiting Misty Fiords is often done by boat or plane. 

Visit Denali National Park - Included in the 8 National Parks that can be found in Alaska, Denali National Park is a must-see while visiting Alaska. Full of wildlife and glaciers, this beautiful landscape has been known to give visitors the true Alaskan experience. Visitors can either camp or stay in cabins and is often the main reason outdoor enthusiasts visit Alaska.

Visiting Alaska is a magical experience full of wildlife and serenity. Travelers should plan their trip around the sites and sounds they want to experience and do plenty of research before visiting this unique landscape. 

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