The Best Things to See While Visiting Redwood National Park

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Photo by @midwestiscool

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you’ve seen it many times before. Scenes of Luke and Leia riding through the enchanted forest on the planet of Endor. A forest filled with tall Redwood trees that are almost too mysterious to be real…but are they? Located at the tip of Northern California lies the bountiful area of Redwoods National Park. Harvested as a prime location during the gold rush, Redwood National Park has become a part of American history that one must-see for themselves. Here are some of the most unique features of this area as well as some important information one may need before visiting Redwoods National Park.

Contrary to popular belief, some may say that Redwoods National Park is the most popular park in California. Yes... California, the state with Yosemite and Sequoia. What makes this park so rare is its vast ecosystems. Since the park is located on the coast, visitors experience seacoast, forests, rivers, and prairie all in one trip. Another notable feature of the park is the massive Redwood trees. Known as some of the largest species of trees on earth, visitors can only imagine how surreal hiking through a forest of them is. 

Containing over 139,000 acres of land, visiting Redwoods National Park can easily become overwhelming. The park has many campsites including ones such as Elk Prairie Campground and Mill Creek Campground. Camping information can be found here. Each campsite has unique features and allows easy access to many of the popular hikes the park has to offer. Some of our favorites can be found below…

The Best Hikes in Redwoods National Park:

Lady Bird Johnson Trail (1-mile) - One of the easier hikes in the park, Lady Bird offers hikers a gorgeous view of the Douglas Fir and Redwoods along a small loop-trail. Popular for kids and those starting their day. 

Trillium Falls Loop Trail (3-miles) - Probably one of the best hikes in the park, Trillium Falls offers visitors a relaxing hike with views of a waterfall along the way. The trail is moderate and has a few switchbacks so be sure to wear hiking boots. Another cool feature of this hike is the variety of Trillium Flowers that can be seen along the way.

Circle Tree Too Big Tree Wayside (.2-miles) - One of the shorter hikes in the park, this mini trail allows hikers to see the Big Tree Wayside up close. It’s one of the largest and oldest trees in the park so be sure to visit this spot first.

Fern Canyon Loop Trail (.7-miles) - Take this short loop trail through a bunch of ferns along the river. This hike is very relaxing and is full of vibrant plants. Be sure to bring a camera and a camera strap! 

The Coastal Trail (70+ miles) - The perfect trail for those who love backpacking or are looking for a little more adventure. Connecting across the coastline, this famous Coastal Trial draws backpackers from around the nation. Hikers can explore the coastline filled with views of the coast and forest. This trail is a must-see for those in the area.

Visiting Redwoods National Park is an amazing experience that will guarantee a stress-free vacation. Just be sure to prepare accordingly and have a great time visiting this California gem!

Written by @visualsbyry