The Best Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in California

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Are you that person who looks forward to Shamrock Shakes all year long? If so, then Saint Patrick's Day must be your type of holiday. Aside from those delicious shakes, there are many other reasons us Americans like to celebrate this Irish Holiday. Originating in Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Christianity arriving in Ireland as well as Saint Patrick’s Death. American’s have since adopted the holiday to get dressed up in green and go out celebrating with their friends and family. If you live in California, be sure to keep reading, as we are going to be going over the best ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in California

Saint Patrick’s Day in California (NorCal):

San Francisco - San Francisco holds one of the biggest parades in the state on this holiday. With over 100 colorful floats, this parade is something you must experience. Grab your friends and family members, and head over to Market Street and Civic Center Plaza to enjoy the celebration. Just remember to use your handy camera strap when shooting so you don’t lose your camera in the crowd!

Dublin, California - Ironically not the capital of Ireland, Dublin California has its take on Saint Patrick’s Day. Just south of San Francisco, this two-day festival brings visitors from all around the area. Located at the Dublin Civic Center, people flock to the area each year to experience authentic Irish food and drinks. With over 200+ vendors, you will never run out of exciting ventures. If exercise sounds like the ideal way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in California, be sure to check out the Shamrock 5k run held in town. 

Irish Fest, Visalia - Hosted by the Visalia Breakfast Lions and Rawhide Baseball Foundation for Kids, Visalia Irish Fest aims to raise money for both organizations. The cost is $40 per person, but the experience is priceless. With 30+ samples from local breweries, this experience is a must-do. Doors open at 1 pm with the last pour at 430 pm. Drinks are not limited and there are food trucks and live music to go along with the celebration. Once again, be sure to bring your handy camera strap so you don’t drop your camera while drinking away this amazing holiday!

Saint Patrick’s Day in California (SoCal)

Hermosa Beach - Located in Hermosa Beach, City of Commerce, the Hermosa Beach Festival is another must-see on our list. Aside from the great parade, Hermosa beach offers visitors plenty of fine dining experiences and shopping. Come experience this Irish holiday in the warm weather of Southern California this upcoming holiday! 

Shamrock, San Diego - Have you been to San Diego’s Gaslamp District? If so, then you know how much fun it can be! This holiday weekend though, San Diego is closing off the street for Shamrock, a live music event where tickets are needed. This 21+ event is the perfect way to spend Saint Patrick’s Day in California for those who love festivals. The festival has 3 different stages as well as plenty of food and drink options. Just be sure to buy your ticket soon, since prices increase as the event gets closer.

With so many different ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in California, picking the right one can be hard. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites that we might think you’ll enjoy as well. Just remember to use that handy camera strap while capturing the fun, and be sure to have an amazing time this Saint Patrick’s Day. 

Written by @visualsbyry