The Perfect Summer Road Trip to Start Off Your Summer Vacation

The Perfect Summer Road Trip to Start Off Your Summer Vacation

 Does driving with your best friends blasting those classic 60s rock and roll music sound like the time of your life? If so, then we got the perfect summer road trip lined up for you and your friends this season. You’ve seen it before, travelers up and down the coast of California, arms out the window, the wind blowing their hair. Hollywood portrays the perfect summer vacation along the California coastline, why not experience it yourself. Starting anywhere from San Diego or Huntington Beach, travelers can take the Pacific Coast Highway through Pismo Beach, Big Sur, and San Francisco. Here are some of the best things to do and where to eat during your summer road trip to California. Just remember to use your camera wrist strap to capture all of the fun! 

Using a camera wrist strap during your summer road trip.

An Underrated Beach Spot Along the Coast:

            Located along the coast right below Morro Bay lies the quaint town of Pismo Beach. Start your summer road trip off by surfing the waves of this small town or exploring the various sand dunes Pismo Beach has to offer. Camping by the water is a popular activity and gives people an opportunity to relax or explore the town of Pismo Beach. It’s, all within walking distance. The sand dunes give travelers the opportunity to capture some amazing photos in the sandy wasteland. Having a camera wrist strap is essential for those who don’t want their camera falling into the unwanted pits of sand. 

Is snowboarding your thing? Maybe it’s time to try sandboarding! A popular activity created by locals is to bring an old board or a sled and treat the sand like snow. Have fun sledding down mounts of sand all the while capturing those epic action shots of your friends! After a long day of activities, Splash Café on Pomeroy Avenue is just a few feet away to satisfy all your seafood cravings. Known for their famous clam chowder bowls this place is one spot in Pismo Beach you just can’t miss.

Big Sur: 

            After enjoying the beachy vibes of Pismo Beach, continue your summer road trip by driving up the Pacific Coast Highway until you hit the State Park known as Big Sur. Known for its famous McWay Falls that spills right onto the beach, visitors from around the area come to see this beauty. Although you can’t hike along the sandy beach, there is plenty of forest hiking around the park. Reserve early and get a campsite at either Pfeiffer Campground or Ventana Campground. Take some time to hike around the area before catching the sunset at Bixby Creek Bridge, located within the coastal mountains. Both Big Sur and Pismo Beach are amazing places to anchor your summer road trip around but don’t be afraid to limit yourself to other opportunities. From cliff jumping at the Toilet Bowl in Santa Cruz to Wine Tasting in Paso Robles, there’s plenty of activities along the California Coast that can make your summer road trip one to remember. Just remember to use that handy camera wrist strap to help keep your camera on you at all times so you can capture the fun!