The Spring Break Road Trip You Need

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You’ve been studying for midterms for the past couple of weeks, and you couldn't be more excited to finally get a break. Good thing spring break is right around the corner! There are so many options people shift through when deciding where to spend their week away from school. Cabo has always been a popular spring break destination for those who like to party, but this year you’re feeling like you need a road trip through the outdoors. Good thing we’ve discovered the perfect spring break road trip for you! Here is an epic road trip that will take you through the sights and sounds of the Grand Canyon and end in Zion National Park. If you are looking for an escape from reality, this is it...

Visiting the Grand Canyon:

Begin your journey by visiting the rim of the Grand Canyon. We did this portion of the trip by leaving early the first day and arriving at the Grand Canyon right before sunset. We were able to catch a beautiful sunset before going to bed and woke up for the sunrise. (Highly recommended) Although there is a lot to do in the Grand Canyon, (a recommended separate trip alone) here are a few of the major things you should see if you are only there for a short time. 

Located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, visitors can visit the Desert View Watchtower. This historic spot gives visitors a panoramic view of the area and is not a long hike. The trail is paved from the parking lot, and there are stores and attractions along the way. The Grand Canyon provides other trails that take you deeper into the canyon, but those typically take 2-3 days to complete. Feel free to partially hike them, but be sure you allow yourself enough time to get a move on to our next destination.

Continue your spring break road trip by driving along the South Rim to the 89 highway. The drive is approximately 2 hours before you arrive at the iconic Horseshoe Bend. This horseshoe-shaped incised meander is a product of the Colorado River and draws visitors to the spot every year. The spot has gained more and more popularity over the years,  as you may have seen photos of it on Instagram. Once you arrive, you will board a shuttle that costs $5 cash. The shuttle then takes you to the trailhead, where you hike about a half-mile to the bend. The views are insane… be sure to use your handy camera strap though! You wouldn’t want your camera falling over the edge. If you’re scared of heights, be sure to stay away from the edge since there is no railing separating you from the sheer drop. 

Continuing Your Spring Break Road Trip

Spend time at Horseshoe Bend, before heading about 2 more hours to Zion National Park. This was the final destination on our road trip, so we decided to spend two days at this park. One of the smaller National Parks, Zion can be done in basically two days. (excluding The Narrows & The Subway) Once you arrive at the park, set up camp and try to catch the sunset if possible. Then, get plenty of sleep before exploring the park the following day. Popular hikes include Angels Landing, Weeping Rock, & Observation Point. 

This spring break road trip is a perfect way to see Utah and Arizona. From watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon to hiking Angels Landing in Zion, you wouldn’t want to spend your break in a better way. Be sure to pack accordingly and feel free to check out our adventure products here! Happy traveling! 

Written by @visualsbyry