Tis The Season! The Best Places to Celebrate This Christmas Season

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Christmas time is arguably the best time of the year, and there's no better way to celebrate it by drinking hot chocolate by the fireside, looking at Christmas lights, and pulling out those Christmas records. The majority of people spend their holiday in their hometown, but have you ever wondered what the holidays are like in other places? Since Christmas is finally upon us, we’re going to be going over some of the best places to visit during Christmas! From the winter-wonderland of Colorado to the movie-like city of London, there are plenty of amazing places to spend this special holiday. Good thing we made a list for you! Just be sure to use your Tether Gear (camera straps, sunglass straps)  to make your travels a better experience!

Best Places to Visit During Christmas (Aspen, Colorado) 

Are snowsports your thing? If so, the mountain town of Aspen is the place for you. Known for having some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the nation, Aspen Colorado attracts millions every year. With a Christmas festival kicking off 12 days before Christmas, this town is a must-visit during the holidays. The town completely transforms into a winter wonderland with gingerbread houses and holiday-themed menus. 10/10 place to visit for those who love the thrill of snow sports and the holidays. Finding a place to stay can be hard so be sure to book a stay at the newly built W Aspen or find a place on Airbnb. 

Best Places to Visit During Christmas (London, England) 

Love shopping? Book a stay at the newly built Hyde Park Hotel in London! London has been the place to visit over the past couple of years but visiting during the holidays is a must. Shopping in a city with Christmas decorations all around is a holiday lover's dream. Spend time at the Hyde Park Festival right outside the hotel or take a special tour of the Warner Bros. Studio. (Hogwarts in The Snow) Other fun things to do include ice skating on an 18th-century courtyard ice rink in the middle of the city! Be sure to have some warm scones and tea and enjoy the wonders of London. 

Best Places to Visit During Christmas (Oahu, Hawaii)

Hawaii during winter? Probably not on your list unless you live there. For those who hate the cold, flying to Oahu is the ideal way to spend the holidays. The best part? You’ll see Santa wearing board shorts and carrying a snowboard! Take a walk through the Helemano Farms, and pick out your very own Christmas tree! The crew will help you cut it down and wrap it. Snowmen? More like sandmen! Take a trip to the Sheraton Waikiki and see all the sand sculptures professionals have built. Spending the holidays in Hawaii is the best for those who love summer year-round. Surfing is pretty popular during that time so be sure to bring your board or rent one along the North Shores. Hawaii has plenty of nature, so be sure to bring your handy camera strap and camera. 

There are so many places to spend the holidays this Christmas season. Whether it be in London or Aspen, just be sure to take the time to cherish moments with family and friends. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from the Tether Crew! Still looking for gifts? Check out our unique collection here.

Written by @visualsbyry